HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 4th June

It’s Deals Of The Day again – the column that’s got a Vision Board covered in links to truly amazing deals instead of the crappy scraps that the past 24 hours have thrown up.

As ever, grats to the members of HotUKDeals for finding them, cleaning them up and presenting them to us, like modern-day Bagpusses (Bagpi?)

Okay - newsflash foodflash – 2,000 free annual memberships to tastelondon’s dining club are being given away this afternoon. Unlike some other dining schemes, tastelondon members can order from the full a la carte menu, so you can pretend you’re packing swank while discreetly flashing your discount card.

Even if you miss out, you’ll still get a month’s free membership, allowing you to get 50% off your total food bill in over 800 London restaurants. Everyone wins with this one it seems so check out HUKD for more details.

Next, if you prefer to stay at home and knock together your own nosh, here’s a spanking deal for a Meyer Circulon stainless steel mixing bowl. They’re between £5 and £9 depending on the size you’re after.

They’re dishwasher safe, look beautiful with the sun glinting off them and you can even use them to keep shy or anti-social goldfish in. Again, everyone wins.

Finally comes a pink Nintendo DS Lite bundled with Nintendogs Labrador – on offer right now for only £74.99. Seems that following the release of the DSi, DS Lites are plunging in price if you know where to look.

So that’s a whopping £45 off the RRP. If you’re after this one, persevere with it – we’ve checked it a few times and it’s fluctuating between being in and out of stock. You might be lucky and if you are… everyone wins!!

(deals found by chamelion, clondikemike and danvman2)

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