HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 30th December

hukd_logob1Here’s today’s hot round-up of hot bargains, with the breaking news that the 250GB PS3 bundled with ModNation Racers has been SLASHED in price to just £169.98. Get one while you can folks.

All that and loads more comes from the mighty HotUKDeals...

839566_1There’s been some major kerfuffle going on in the Dealspwn workpod next door this afternoon. Squealing and screeching like you wouldn’t believe. At first, we thought that perhaps there was a loose mouse scuttling around the floor or that sleepy Mof had wandered in with his man-robe open again.

But no – the dudes and dudettes of Dealpswn were giggling themselves sick over the news that the price of Mass Effect 2 has come crashing down to an otherworldly £4.98. That’s online, instore, the whole lot. What’s Mass Effect 2 you ask? It’s for the Xbox 360 we reply.

838765_1Moving on then, to what are arguably two of the finest films to grace the cinema in the past half-century. Notable names in cinema such as Barry ‘Onions’ Norman, Burt Reynolds and Ray Winstone are said to be aware of the existence of these notable motion pictures.

We speak of course about Home Alone and its cunningly-titled sequel, Home Alone 2. For what is probably the first time ever (it isn’t), you can nab these two cinematic greats in a DVD double pack for just £2.99. We are truly not worthy.

839539_1Finally for today, we were torn between two items which we could share with you, so we’ve opted for them both. On one hand is an unsold pile of Ferrero Rocher, that would have made ideal Christmas gifts. It’s a 24-piece, 300g box and it’s just half-price at only £2.24.

Then there’s a mighty chopper. Well, more of a mini chopper really. One with stainless steel blades and everything, that is only £5.99. Can you chop 24 Ferrero Rocher pieces in it? Have a go and let us know...

(deals found by HUKD members fraser0206, TanyaSpace, tonyhall07, asl9791 and rani17)

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