HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 29th April

29 April 2010

hukd_logob1 There’s a whole host of technological marvels on the DOTD menu for you today – a small gadget thing, a slightly larger gadget thing and a significantly larger gadget thing. All of them at rock-bottom prices.

All of these and much much more at HotUKDeals…

666901We’re kicking off today with an old favourite - the Apple iPod Touch – available for £149.99 but part of an offer where you can get an additional £30 back in gift vouchers when you buy it.

It’s the 8GB model and what you’re basically getting is an iPhone that no one can piss you off by ringing you up on. Or if you like, an itsy bitsy tiny iPad.

667103Next comes a pocket video camera that doesn’t have to be used for the filming of the contents of your pockets (pretty sure we’ve done that joke before, but hey, it’s a ZINGER!) or indeed the outsides of your pockets or stuff that is nowhere near your pockets. Like if you’re naked or something.

Erm, anyway, it’s the Kodak Pocket Video Camera ZX1 and it’s red and it’s £47.99 delivered. If the blurb is to believed, you can take “stunning 720p HD videos rain or shine with this weather-resistant recorder. Great results in bright light or low light easily edit create upload to YouTube with built-in software.” Never doubt the blurb.

667394Finally, another recurring classic that has regular dips in its price, today being another of those dip-days. It’s the Nintendo Wii console and it’s the package that also contains a controller and a nunchuk as well as Wii Sports Resort.

It’s only £129.00 and comes in both black and white colours, although you’re within your legal rights if you want to paint it a different colour once you’ve bought it. Or wrap it in clingfilm and keep it in a chest freezer. Or tie it to the back of your car and drag it around the streets for a couple of hours. You might invalidate your warranty though.

(deals found by HUKD members Borat, Paul542 and wellsie)


  • Ed
    I feel I should point out that the 8GB iPod touch is not of the current generation (was just kept on from the previous one as an entry-level model), so will not do shiny things such as running the full OS 4 (when it is released). That means no multitasking for you! (And making it less like a mini-iPad - iPad has similar internals to the later model 16GB+ iPod touches.)
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