HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 25th June

Roll up, roll up for Deals Of The Day – the greatest show in town. Well maybe not the greatest, but one of the best. Well, not necessarily one of the best, but it’s pretty good. Well, fair to middling.

Bargains are all here courtesy of the good folk at HotUKDeals who laid down their lives for you. Well, maybe not their lives, but they took a few minutes out of their day, which is pretty much the same thing. Okay…

Kicking off today, we’ve got an XBox 360 Arcade for the practically offensively low price of only £97. Yes, that’s less than a back-street facelift and undoubtedly less painful.

Find out how you can clamp your clammy hands on to one of these beauties be sliding your interweb over to HotUKDeals. The same retailer might even have Ninetendo Wii’s going cheap as well.

Easily the best new comedy over the last 18 months has been The Inbetweeners, E4’s show that follows the idiotic antics of a group of sixth-formers. If you don’t like it, you’re a bumder.

Now you can get a DVD box set of series one and two for only £14.98. Taster clip can be seen here – but don’t watch if you don’t like industrial language or the sight of a fish getting its head punched in.

If you like your entertainment to be a touch more wholesome, you should get yourself to the Disney store, where there’s a ‘up to 70% off’ sale, both online and instore.

There’s everything from a High School Musical Sharpay Spa to a Power Rangers Zord Costume. There’s even a Gay Buzz Lightyear doll that sings hits from 1950s musicals. No there isn’t.

(deals found by HUKD members adsldave, dontdothatagain and BadWolf2989)

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