HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 23rd October

We’ve got Christmas coursing through our veins here at Bitterwallet HQ. There’s no way you’ll catch us marauding around some shopping mall at 4.45pm on Christmas Eve, dodging the drunks as we fruitlessly search for a pair of socks with Homer Simpson’s face on them.

No way no how. We’re getting it all in early, and the time to do it seems to be… NOW! Thanks, as ever, to the loyal spotters at HotUKDeals.

First up, smells in a bottle. Perfume, to be precise. Up to half price at Boots. Now you can smell just like celebrities including Britney Spears, David Beckham, Jade Goody, Ricky Gervais and the late Tommy Cooper. (Warning - we may have made some of those names up.)

Find out more about the deal and how you can get an extra fiver off at HUKD. Mmm, smell the value…
(deal found by 3girls1boy)

Next comes a majestic deal if you still haven’t got yourself a Nintendo Wii. Ignore this bitter little film – Wii’s are great.

A certain chain of stores will be banging out Wii consoles bundled with Wii Sports, FIFA 09 and Mario Kart (including Wii wheel) all for a shade under £180.

We’re not going to reveal the identity of that chain of stores are – get yourself to HUKD and have a look. Enlightenment is but a click away. (Clue - it rhymes with 'Cockcluster.')

(deal found by leepea)

Lastly, if you like to laugh, you’ll be chortling your balls* off at this pair of scarcely-believable DVD box set offers – all five series of Peep Show for £15.20 and all five series of Shameless for just £26.00.

Or you might just want to buy all that stuff for yourself and scurry around for the Homer socks at the sharp end of December 24th -  it’s between you and your conscience.
(deal found by amibees)

*or whatever the female equivalent of balls are.


  • Alexandra O.
    "now you can smell like celebrities including Ricky Gervais" my olfactory spider senses are tingling - Eau de Sycophant with a high note of derriere de Jonathan Ross, anybody?
  • Andy D.
    Also includes generous lashings of self-regard. Long term, the effect of wearing Gervais will be widespread revulsion.

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