HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 21st October

21 October 2010

hukd_logob1 High-octane phone games, pretend indoor sky-diving and the white-knuckle ride that is mid-table Premier League football action. If you thought it was going to be Dullsville around here this afternoon, then you’re an idiot and so is your sister.

Wave to HotUKDeals over there – they’re the ones who came up with it all… again.

782652_1If you’ve got an iPhone and you like playing games, you’ve probably whiled away a whole heap of hours thumbing your way through the various levels of Angry Birds over the past few months. Good news children – a brand new game is here.

It’s called Angry Birds Halloween and the sharp-eyed among you will have realised that it’s a Bonfire Night tie-in. As with the original Angry Birds iPhone game, it’ll set you back 59p, but that’s a small price to pay for 45 new levels of a game that’s almost as addictive as crack. AND the original game is FREE on Android.

782189_1Next up, a great offer if you’re a member of the armed forces based in the Midlands and enjoy the delights of the Premier League soccer competition. It’s the chance to go along to St. Andrews and watch Birmingham v West Ham on Saturday 6th November for the paltry sum of just one pound.

Of course, there’s an argument that our poor boy troops and girl troops have already witnessed plenty of diabolical acts of horror if they’ve been posted to a area of conflict, but a quid’s a quid isn’t it? How bad could it REALLY be?

782501_1If you’ve ever fancied being part of the armed forces but have got a gammy leg or no bravery whatsoever, you can get a brief glimpse of it all with some cut-price indoor skydiving – now with 65% off, although we don’t know if that means your jump is from a height that is 65% lower than usual.

£19.95 will get you two flights and a DVD for you to take home, highlighting your exploits at Airkix – (the ultimate indoor skydiving experience it says here). Plus, you won’t have to sit through Birmingham v West Ham either….

(deals found by HUKD members AgentSingh, smithyp1 and amibees)

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  • Tim B.
    umm...bonfire night has fuck all to do with Halloween...

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