HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 18th December

Three more offers for you today that are so powerful, you could literally melt them down and make them into rocket fuel. Of course you couldn’t – that’s utter bollocks.

As ever, you wouldn’t know anything about them without the hard work and detective-like behaviour from the bargain-sleuths at HotUKDeals. They do it because they care. And so should you.

Kicking off, if you’ve got a Nintendo Wii, you’ve surely got Mario Kart to play on it. What? You haven’t? Your Wii doesn’t work properly then. You might as well lay it sideways and use it as a cheese board for all the good it’s doing in its Kartless state.

Follow the instructions here and a gleaming copy of the Wii’s greatest game can be yours for just £19.99. Trust us, you really, really have to do this.
(deal found by J9STL)

Secondly, a DVD tip. If you loved the West Wing, you’ll probably enjoy what WW creator Aaron Sorkin did next. It was a series called Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, and while it never scaled the heights of the Presidential drama, it still lorded it over most telly from a great height.

If you didn’t love The West Wing then you probably haven’t seen it. The first (and only, cos it was cancelled) season of Studio 60 can be acquired for a shade under twelve quid, if you follow the link. Enjoy.
(deal found by mthorpe30)

Lastly, and get a load of this food fans, who fancies a turkey stuffed with a chicken stuffed with a duck? Oh yes, get your head and then your laughing gear around that! It was Marlon Brando’s favourite meal (we assume) and can be had for just £9.99.

They call them Turduckens in the US you know (pictured above). Because they’re a bright, imaginative lot. Us, we’d probably just call it Birdfest or something.
(deal found by Foxy102)

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