HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 17th September

17 September 2009

hukd_logob1Whenever we try and imagine the typical Bitterwallet reader, we like to think of a hunchbacked halitosis sufferer who enjoys sucking exhaust fumes out of parked cars through a rolled up newspaper.

Ha ha, only joking… or are we? Whether or not that describes you, please come in and enjoy today’s round-up of the best bargains, courtesy of HotUKDeals. You dragons of disgust, you.

470114We start off today's rasping deal-fart with another tidy little offer if you’re on the prowl for a Sony PS3 Slim console. You can get the Slim plus two games for £249.69.

The games are Prince Of Persia and Far Cry 2 – we’ve played them and they’re the best games we’ve ever seen.* You’ll also score for a £10 voucher when you buy the bundle and you could even nab some cashback through Quidco. And guys, the girl in the shop might will wink at you when you collect it. Demand a refund if she doesn’t.

470254More modern gadgetnology next – a DVD player that also plays Divx files. Can’t imagine where you’d get them from or why you’d need them… UNLESS YOU WERE A VIDEO PIRATE!

It’s got HDMI with 1080p upscaling, it’s region-free, it’s got USB playback and if you leave your car outside the foyer the damn thing will park it for you and not even expect a tip. All that and less for only £29.78 (who makes these frigging prices up? What’s wrong with £29.99?)

470122Finally, a treat if you want to go and gawp at some sad-looking animals in the North West of England. It’s a ticket for Chester Zoo for only £9.99 as opposed to the regular price of £14.99.

If the finder of the deal (mrsandman) is to be believed, you’ll be able to queue-jump with your cheap ticket and avoid standing with the riff raff before you get in. And as mrsandman has never lied to us before, we’re giving it the full five-thumb Bitterwallet seal of approval. Thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb!

(deals found by HUKD members jianping, mattyboy1982 and mrsandman)

*Of course they aren't. Manic Miner is the best game ever. Or Chuckie Egg 2. Or Bruce Lee.


  • Pikapika
    I know its joking but you dont have to be a video pirate to watch divx or avi, if you were they wouldnt sell players as they would be illegal! Many people like to rip their store bought movies or even personal made ones from cameras to smaller formats so they can access them on to go, or to have all their favourite tv episodes on one disc for example. Remember its not illegal to copy a disc its only illegal to bypass copy protection and not all discs have it.
  • Dan
    Same reason torrents aren't illegal. Divx players are legal, yada yada yada, but no fucker uses them for legal reasons.
  • watch f.
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