HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 16th July

Hello! Here’s that moment you’ve been waiting all day for – the round-up of the bestest deals on offer in this here old town we like to call Bargainsville.

As usual, they’re all from HotUKDeals. As usual, we can’t think of much else to say in this second intro paragraph. Hmm, looks like rain…

We all love games, right? Here at Bitterwallet HQ, some of our favourites are Hopscotch, Marble Barble, Kill The Postman and Wet Whisky Afternoon. A few of you might even like console games as well.

For those of you who do, here’s a list of some of the big new console games that are coming out over the summer, including the fine-looking Wii Sports Resort. Pre-order them now using the code ‘GAME20’ and get 20% off the listed price. And when you’re bored, come round to BWHQ and we’ll got outside and have a big game of Got Your Penis.

Next, a charity appeal on behalf of Mike Ashley. Seemingly unable to sell his Newcastle United Football Club, Mr Ashley has now reported a dramatic drop in the profits of his Sports Direct company.

Help Mr Ashley out today by buying one of his Slazenger bikes for only £49.99 (quality of bike cannot be guaranteed). You can also add some cheap tennis balls to your basket in order to qualify for free delivery. Thank you. (Note: Other cheap bikes are available.)

Finally, an offer that you can’t refuse. It’s for a DVD box set that you should already own. If you don’t, it’s now only £8.99 and if you can’t be bothered to fork out that piffling amount, you might as well go and sleep with the fishes, because we’re going to come round and stick a horse’s head up your bed.

We’re talking of course about The Complete Police Academy Collection. No we’re not, we’re talking about The Godfather Trilogy. Just don’t waste your time watching the third one though – it’s shite.

(deals found by HotUKDeals members Jaygo, dancrawley, joeydawson, adamck and DarkKnight)

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  • acecatcher3
    already have the boxset, the 3rd one really is shocking, cant buy the bike because i have a fear of them and i always fall off them, i dont have a wii unfortunately, id prefer to steal tennis balls from a local tennis club (im that cheap) just thought id let u know andy as i know whenever u make an article u f5 manickly until u see a comment from me :D ps i know ur bumchums with paul nikkel, could u have a word for me plz, its been bout 4 months since my banning :(

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