HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 11th August

new hukd logo FINALLY, it’s your round up of the greatest deals that have been cropping up on HotUKDeals today. The reason for its lateness is none of your business. You can even try a Freedom Of Information request – you won’t get any joy. It’s DEFINITELY not late because your correspondent sheared his finger in half with a broken wine glass while doing the washing up. Oh no, no way…

993748_1The big retail news of the day is that the Nintendo 3DS has crumbled in price. About time too – a RRP of £229 was as almost ridiculous an idea as sculpting a giant replica of Chaka Khan’s hoof out of ice would be.

So the price cuts seem to be ready to begin on Friday. The best price that the HUKD massive have been able to find is £120 for the console with all games reduced to just £25. No need to get out that giant block of ice now.

993743_1As far as we were aware, a cycle helmet is just a cycle helmet – you stick it on your bonce, go out for a ride and if you fall off, you probably won’t die. Simple job, easily achieved.

But it turns out that there’s a thing called a specialised tactical helmet. We assume that it’s for road racers and that it infuses tactics and strategies into your brain via your skull as you ride along. Get one for £21.99. If you want to.

993795_1Finally, a software offer. A couple of golden items of Microsoft goodness that will make your computer run smoother, make your life much easier and hopefully help quell those urges you keep getting to poision your local water supply. You didn’t think we knew about them did you?

The software in question is Windows 7 Pro and Office 2010 Pro – they’re usually about £40 apiece but you can have them as a pair for only £64.99. Just don’t go spending that money you’ve saved on local water supply poisoner, eh?

(deals found by HUKD members roxington, yasmo10 and lmy85)

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