HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 7th September

hukd_logob1Will any of today’s best bargains make it into the Bitterwallet prize giveaway loot sack? Who knows…

What we do know is that they were all found at HotUKDeals and there’s plenty more there just like these.

463077Gents, if you’re getting married soon and you want to do it on the cheap, here’s two pieces of advice. One, forget it, and two, if you must go ahead with it, get your wedding ring off of a website for less than a tenner. £9.50 to be exact.

Our advice is this; snap it up then try and palm it off to Cash4Gold. See if you can guess what the difference will be between what you originally paid and what you’ll have at the end of it all. You might even make a profit. Also, you might not.

mario_kart_wiiNext, we turn to the spare-time shattering phenomenon that is Mario Kart. The game that has blighted our schedules and addled our minds for about fifteen years is currently best enjoyed on the Nintendo Wii.

It’s more fun than  and if you haven’t already got a copy, or yours has disintegrated through overuse, you can get your blistered mitts on one for just £19.99. Parp, and indeed, parp.

463351Finally, a freebie. The Shawshank Redemption on DVD. It’s the movie that, on a daily basis, inspires your Bitterwallet team to smash our way out of the hermetically-sealed pod we are forced to work in, situated 500 metres below the Earth’s crust.

If only we could make it to the surface, we’d get our hands on a Shawshank DVD. But as it’ll be given away free with a leading national newspaper this Sunday, we’ve got next to no chance. Heeeeeelp!

(deals found by HUKD members mummyto2boys, rainbow123 and tmb)


  • Tom P.
    Surprised you missed the HOT DEAL for 56 laxative tablets @ 29p
  • zeddy
    @Tom P:What a load of shit
  • -Mike H.
    56 laxatives, 29p SHIT THE BED!... Quite liderally moit.

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