HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 20th June

hukd_logob1 Welcome again to today’s round-up of the finest bargains out there in what we like to call ‘the whole world’. There’s tennis tickets, politically correct eggs and the obligatory console games. Amazing scenes.

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961248_1Wimbledon fortnight is underway and while you might hanker after getting to see a day’s play on Centre Court but probably believe that it’s all sold out and that the best you’ll get is court 115 or a spot on Henman Hill with some misfits and a punnet of overpriced strawberries.

You’re WRONG. You fools. Did you know that 500 Centre Court tickets go on sale to the general public every day for only £47.30 a go? Well they do – and to find out more about how you can get a piece of that bat and ball action, get over to HotUKDeals.

961511_1Game time now, and there’s a couple of them here for you today. First, we’ve got Bioshock 2, where you have to hunt down a monster that has been snatching young girls and taking them back to his underwater kingdom – a bit like Hugh Hefner. It’s £4.99 on the PS3 and £5.99 on the Xbox.

There’s also Fallout New Vegas, which is £9.99 delivered for both of the aforementioned consoles. We’re not sure what it’s about but over on HUKD, cdog84 says ‘the guns are great’. That’s more than enough for us.

961165_1Finally today, we turn our attention to eggs. As your gran might have said, ‘eggs is eggs’ but sorry gran because that’s a load of old bollocks. That’s because there’s eggs that come from hens that have been blinded with acid and forced to sleep inside out. We hate those eggs.

Then there’s eggs that have been pooped out of hens that are allowed to play on the Nintendo 3DS consoles in their lunch hour and are allowed to drink cider at weekends and have their mates round. They’re the kind of hens that work for The Happy Egg Co, and a box of them eggs can be had for only £1.00 at the moment.

(deals found by HUKD members acecatcher3, goonertillidie, Kodoku and jimbobgooner)

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  • Goity
    Actually you shouldn't buy eggs from hens that play on 3DS: there are rumours that 3D is bad for their eyesight. At least make sure your egg retailer of choice is using the family protection feature of the consoles to limit access to 3D, or you could be causing more harm than good by supporting such a measure.

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