HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 20th December

hukd_logob1Okay folks, there aren’t many shopping days left until Christmas but you might still have time to get your hands on these greasy bargains if you’re quick. If they don’t get delivered in time, hand the recipient a printed picture of them and tell them you’ll bell them when the stuff actually arrives.

Of course, as you all should know by now, this shizzle all hails from HotUKDeals

831187_1Who among us didn’t enjoy the globally-popular 1990s sitcom Friends? During that decade, there was LITERALLY nothing better than catching up with the antics of Ross, Jennifer, Jerry, Vegetable Man, Ludek, Tommy Ha-Ha and the Cigarette Brothers.

In fact, such was its amazingness that it caused 17 people that we personally know to move to its home of New York. Or at least that’s what they said at the time. But enough jibber jabber – the complete DVD box set can be yours for only £20 right now.

830898_1One of the must-play games of the year they’re all calling ‘Two Thousand And Ten’ has to be Call Of Duty: Black Ops. It’s one that we’re looking forward to playing once we’ve finally cracked the final level of Horace Goes Skiiing. Although someone tipped us off that a sequel, Horace And The Spiders, has just been released, so we might have to crack on with that first.

Having said that, some of you more advanced gamers might be ready for Black Ops, and you can get a copy for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for only £29.99 until Christmas Eve. Bet there’s no spiders in it though…

831593_1Finally, a traditional Christmas gift that will never die. One that will lead to elation, despair, inter-familial warfare, epic tantrums and possibly, phenomenal make-up sex the following day. We speak of course of Monopoly.

It’s the ultimate board game and the 2010 model comes with what is mysteriously described as a ‘speed die’ – sounds painful if you asks us. That can all be yours for only £7.97 – let the fight over who is going to be the top hat commence!

(deals found by HUKD members jonny619447, infowight and tomofwight)

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