HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 17th October

new hukd logo Are you the kind of chap/chapette who enjoys chortling to the hit UK film of the summer while downing a delicious bowl of stew and playing a series of ultraviolent PC games?

You are? Come inside – we’ve got something just for you here, courtesy of HotUKDeals

1037950_1Winter is crawling towards us like a lumbering, ice-breathing beast. It won’t rest until it’s spent umpteen months chilling our bones and generally getting on our tits. So what can we fight it with? Central heating? No way – that costs far too much money.

We can tackle it by giving ourselves a dose of traditional internal central heating. We speak of course of the humble stew. Right now, you can get yourself a huge swede, a huge parsnip, two onions and a handful of carrots in a ‘stew pack’ that will only set you back 50p. Repeat daily until spring.

1038283_1If you’d like to be reminded of the summer instead, why not pre-order a Blu-ray or DVD of The Inbetweeners movie. After all, it’s plot features the boys on their holidays abroad somewhere so there’ll be lots of footage of hot sun and cold drinks.

If that wasn’t a tenuous link from one bargain to another then we don’t know what is. Anyhoo, you can pre-order it for the remainder of today at a special price – on a Blu-ray/2-DVD/digital package for £12.99 or on DVD-only for just £7.99.

1038271_1We move on seamlessly to games, and another seamless link. Let’s try and imagine what games the Inbetweeners boys enjoy to play when they’re not looking like a group of men in their mid-20s and saying ‘clunge’ a lot. Yes, of course, it’s the Grand Theft Auto games!

Great news for you if you’re looking to emulate your ‘heroes’ – you can get the PC versions of SEVEN GTA games for the paltry sum of only £8.74 at the moment. And when we say PC, we don’t mean the kind of games where you don’t get to mow down prostitutes.

(deals found by HUKD members RiTSo, cath1510 and xthundercat1978)

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