HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 14th March

hukd_logob1 What a tip-top line-up of bargains we’ve got for you today. Free cinema tickets, a Blu-ray that explains all about aliens and that, and the gaming console that changed the way we looked at the world… a bit.

It’s all from HotUKDeals, where there is even MORE of this sort of thing, some of it arguably even better.

897751_1Students are great aren’t they? With those dark eyes, cute little whiskers and that fantastic way they stand on their hind legs to look out for approaching enemies, they’re… no, wait, we’re thinking of meerkats. Sorry.

Never mind, because if you ARE a student, it’s one in the eye for meerkats today, because THEY’RE not getting a buy-one-get-one-free deal on cinema tickets and other goodies and you are. Fuck the government AND the meerkats eh kids?

897860_1Onwards, and outwards into space, where one of the ex-members of shit rave-pop combo D:Ream is currently engaged in the task of trying to explain to those of us who haven’t had a number one hit just what it’s all about.

He’s doing that on BBC2 once a week at the moment, but you can get the Blu-ray of his previous ‘Wonders Of The Solar System’ effort for only £8.97 delivered. We watched it last night – apparently ET isn’t real but Cocoon might be.

898273_1Finally for now, a bit of a bargain if you don’t already own a Nintendo Wii console. You’re missing out on such games as Steve Pike 5, The Percentage Twins, Death Of The Percentage Twins and Randy Raisins.

You could get yourself a pre-owned Wii console for the piffling sum of only £60 of you’ve got your wits about you right now. Hopefully those fucking Percentage Twins won’t have left any of their trademark stains all over it.

(deals found by HUKD members krishbish, joeeeallover and Jack-L92)

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