HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 13th September

hukd_logob1 An apology. We’re sorry to have kept you waiting this long for your daily bargain digest but that’s because we’ve got FOUR amazing offers for you instead of the usual three. These things take time.

If this outstanding quartet doesn’t satisfy you, there’s tons more over at HotUKDeals

First up, an enormous boon if you’re on the lookout for cheap PS3 games. A popular supermarket has a range of games at reduced to clear prices, starting from £10.00. Heavy Rain, Bioshock and PES 2010 are among them and there’s more details than we can fit in here over at HUKD.

756612_1Next, on to one of the greatiest films of all time. We speak of course of Toy Story 3. If you’ve seen it and didn’t love it, you have a heart made of compacted pigeon shite. Anyway, it’ll be in the shops soon and you can get the Blu-ray/DVD double pack of it for a startlingly cheap £12.72.

756225_1Onwards to sat nav – the modern way to get from A to B as quickly as possible without stopping off at C for a slash, pulling over on the outskirts of D to read a map or winding up getting robbed blind in E. The TomTom XL IQ routes sat nav thing is only £104.97 at the moment, reduced from £163. Zoom zoom!

756264_1Finally, a frying pan. And not just any old frying pan, but a colossal 24 centimetre frying pan. A mammoth frying pan, that you could probably use to easily fry, erm, a mammoth! If you can find one. What’s more, this dreamy frying pan is only 99p. you might as well buy 20 of them – you’ll have used them all up by the time you hunt down a mammoth.

(deals found by HUKD members infowight, oliverreed, savingsguru and lucerysmum)

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