HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 12th September

new hukd logo Do you like games? And do you like gaming consoles? And do you like strawberries? Well hey, you’re our kind of people then! Come on board the HMS DealsOfTheDay and see what we’ve got laid out on deck for you!

If you want more, simply throw yourself overboard and romp around in the choppy waters that make up the Sea Of HotUKDeals. Yes, ROMP!

1014250_1Another day brings another Sony PS3 bargain – there’s some hardcore discounting of these things going on across the land. In fact millions of people are burning the PS3s that they’ve had for a couple of years just so that they can dash out and buy the newly-discounted ones.

Anyway, there’ll be a fresh stampede to the shops tomorrow followed by another wave of PS3 bonfires as millions of people dash out and get their hands on a 160GB PS3 for the pifflingly low price of just £169.99.

1014101_1Once you’ve got your brand new PS3 why not get into the swing of things with it by inserting the disc for the classic GoldenEye Wii game and making like you’re James Bond all over the place. Why? Because as we just said, it’s a Wii game – are you people not paying attention to any of this?

Don’t worry about though – it’s bad news for the PS3 fans but great news for the Wii fans. You can prance about all shooty as if you’re Sir George Lazenby for the tiny sum of just £9.99 right now. KERSPLAT!

1013857_1Finally, there’s only one way that we can put a surefire end to this needless squabbling between Wii freaks and PS3-heads – and that’s with the careful deployment of some delicious juicy stawberries.

And that’s just what we intend to do, with some 200g punnets of strawberries that can be had for just 50p a pop at the moment. So all you need to do is work out where Bitterwallet’s secret HQ is located, turn up with either a PS3 or a Wii and we’ll take them off your hands and give you a few strawberries instead. Deal? DEAL!

(deals found by HUKD members JohnSPals, Replay41 and bluesmith)

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