HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 11th April

hukd_logob1 It’s entertainment central around these parts today. There’s cheap games, cheap DVDs and a cheap sat nav (if you think about it, driving around with the help of a sat nav is a kind of entertainment. Isn’t it?)

All that and more comes to us thanks to HotUKDeals – the hottest, UKiest, dealiest site around.

353949ps_96w115hWe’re just going to have to admit that we don’t really understand video games around these parts. That’s why we get confused when we look across at the Dealspwn gang and they bawling violent phrases into headsets at no one in particular.

Meanwhile, we’re all sat here, practicing our cat’s cradles. Anyhoo, if you are into the gaming revolution, you can get 20% off the pre-release prices of games like LA Noire, Brink, Duke Nukem Forever and Dirty. Which is a good thing, right?

917504_1Moving on to moving on now, specifically with the help of a sat nav device. More specifically, with the help of the TomTom brand of sat nav device. Even more specifically, it’s the TomTom Start sat nav device.

The thing covers the UK and Ireland and will hopefully keep you off the railway lines and out of the oceans, getting you to your destination dry, in one piece and possibly free from gout. All for only £49.99.

917640_1Finally, there’s been a big splodge of desirable, smartly-priced DVDs that have appeared on HotUKDeals in the past day or so, and so we’ll tell you about them all.

There’s the new Harry Potter DVD for just £7.00, the Scream trilogy for only £4.99, all three ‘seasons’ of superb American sitcom Arrested Development for just £19.99 as well as a two-DVD, two-series collection of Sean Lock’s very underrated Fifteen Storeys High for only £5.00. There – you’re better off watching that lot than you are sitting around doing cat’s cradles.

(deals found by HUKD members nicmall, asl9791, fluffyundacrakas, UncleWilly, fedexpress and christopherguy25)

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