HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 10th August

Whenever we think about the typical Bitterwallet reader we imagine someone who enjoys travelling up and down the nation’s East coast by rail, paradoxically seeking out cheap motor car offers and who is always bleeding profusely from the face and hands after PS3-related accidents.

What? That’s you? Cool. You’ll enjoy today’s best bargains from HotUKDeals then…

The East coast rail line has recently been nationalised in the wake of National Express’ abject failure to make any money out of it. We haven’t used it ourselves since the changeover, but we imagine it’s staffed entirely by communist agitators who go on strike whenever a customer farts.

Because that’s what nationalisation is about, isn’t it kids? What it’s also about (until midnight on Tuesday) is a cheap ticket offer, with fares available between £5 and £11.50 anywhere up and down the coast. Tickets are going fast and your choices of dates and times are restricted, but it’s well worth a look.

If you’re not one of the unlucky thousands whose life has been ripped apart by the recession, you might be keen to take advantage of the recent scrappage scheme and help yourself to a new car.

Over at HUKD, Mentos has bundled together some resources to help you get a good deal, and save as much as £3590, and, in an example of the site at its finest, there are even more hints and tips in the comments left by HUKD members. Gives us a right warm glow it does.

If you’re a keen player of games on the PS3, you’re probably familiar with your fingers slipping off the controller during frenetic gameplay, causing you to topple over and tear your face and hands apart as you fall through the glass coffee table.

It can take the shine off the gameplay experience to say the least. But now there’s the Gioteck Real Trigger – it’s designed to stop your fingers slipping-off Sony's PS3 six-axis controller at a crucial moment in the game. And presumably it will eradicate facial and handular tearing and scarring. Yours for only £1.99 with free delivery!

(deals found by HUKD members  Wicked 666, richardderbys and Mentos)


  • Mike e.
    Whoa whoa whoa there horsie, lets just hang on on there Andy, you posted this at about 1200hrs and it must have taken you at most, 10 minutes to write. so how can it already be, DOTD? What about all the rehot smokin' deals that might come about post DOTD publication, hmm? I might miss out on those thanks to your egerness to thrash out a post.
  • Graham
    Trainspotter alert: The nationalisation of National Express East Coast is still at least a few months away. Until then it's running exactly as it was before. (the big news event a few weeks ago was triggered by National Express Group announcing to its shareholders that this was a likely future outcome. But nothing actually happened on that day)
  • acecatcher3
    im afraid of trains actually

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