HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 4th June

hukd_logob1 Hastily cobbled together before the time-lock on the Bitterwallet booze fridge dings it open at 5pm, here’s some bargains and some statements that you must decide are either true or false. All of last week’s were FALSE but that doesn’t mean this week’s will be.

Of course, we’re fiercely proud of the fact that the bargains all hail from the green and pleasant internet land that is HotUKDeals…

693069THE DEAL: The original Monopoly board game for only £7.49 delivered.

TRUE OR FALSE? The little man on the Monopoly box is not called Mr Monopoly. He is called Alan Littlemore.

692985THE DEAL: A 2TB external hard drive for just £97.99

TRUE OR FALSE? 2TB is enough to hold all of the information in the world that there has ever been (except for weather forecasts)

693124THE DEAL: Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Wii – pre-owned but only £8.99

TRUE OR FALSE? This game contains a hidden level where players must work their way out of a the store room of an Argos Extra shop on Christmas Eve without resorting to any kind of violence.

(deals found by HUKD members BorisTheSpider, bayhabourbutcher and Matt89)



  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    "All of last week’s were FALSE but that doesn’t mean this week’s will be." Pretty sure they've all been FALSE every week since this site went up, I reckon that alone would be reason enough to assume they all are this week too (other than the fact that most of them are ludicrously impossible or stupidly non-existant) How about you trawl the web for some facts which ARE actually true, but sound too stupid to be true?
  • Mike H.
    Don't be silly, everyone knows 'that' level on RE-VI is impossible to complete without knifing the chavs at the elizabeth Duke counter, smashing the granny in the face flicking through the ironing- board section of the laminated catalogue and using an entire clip on a child for screaming about the new Mario game.
  • Johnters
    He's called Mr. Moneybags you comedians.
  • Andy D.
    Wrong. He used to be called Rich Uncle Pennybags but was renamed Mr Monopoly in 1999. Which is a shit name, and much worse than Rich Uncle Pennybags.
  • Touchcloth
    Alan is such a lovely name as well.

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