HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 3rd April

To celebrate the end of another week, we’ve got a scattergun SIX-deal special for you to drool over, all dredged up from the wreckage of HMS HotUKDeals. Don’t worry – the website hasn’t sunk – because it’s not a ship!

Firstly, as ever, the booze. We’re looking at a thing – can you guess what it is? Give up? Okay, we’ll tell you – it’s an 18 x 275ml bottle pack of Carlsberg Export. You were just about to say that? Yeah, we believe you. More deets here.

Next, a cracking deal  from a new name on the high street. It’s a Playstation 3 80GB  for just £216. Get ‘em while they’re hot. Actually, it makes more sense to say get ‘em while they’re there. Because they won’t be there for long.

Hands up who enjoys the marauding antics of Sean Bean’s Sharpe character, and his swashbuckling ways? Nope us neither, can’t stand it. But we’re not prejudiced here, and if you want to fork out just £12.99 to get a 15-DVD box set of pure Sharpe guff then here be where you want to link to.

Sticking with DVDs, in particular ones that we DO love, here’s a 3-disc box set of Will Ferrell’s Anchorman, bundled with the bonus movie Wake Up Ron Burgundy, compiled from hours of extra footage. The price - £3.99. The info – here.

If you don’t want to tickle your ribs at the capers of Ron Burgundy, you might like to tickle something else while ogling Billie Piper prancing around in not many clothes as a high-class hooker in The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. Series one (2 discs) can be had for only £5.99. Sizzling.

Which brings us to our final deal – the £2.99 Sizzling Pub Co. Meal Deal which is available from Monday to Friday and offers such culinary finery as Toad Out Of The Hole, Tipsy Pie and Ostrich Banana Bingo. Apart from Ostrich Banana Bingo – which is actually running in tomorrow’s Grand National. Laters!

(deals found by ClashInDevon, jelli, centurion, andywedge, asandino and goldenboot)

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