HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 22nd May

Children, welcome to Deals Of The Day – True Or False Friday! In a bid to boost your flagging brain as the week trails away, we’re bringing a minor quiz element to DOTD every Friday forever.

It’s simple – there’s some lovely bargains we’ve found over at HotUKDeals and a cunning statement relating to each one. But is it true or is it… false!?! Woooo…

THE DEAL:  A Nintendo Wii console, including Wii Sports, for a wallet-chewing £145. Oh yes, it’s true – offer on all through the weekend until Sunday.

TRUE OR FALSE?:  If you position your Wii at the correct angle, its default in-built wireless frequency will pick up transmissions from the nearest local snooker match.

THE DEAL:  A DeWalt D21710KSF-SFGB twin pack. Eh? It’s a complete drilling kit including 600W percussion drill and 12V drill driver you ninny. And it’s only an amazing £54 all in, including delivery.

TRUE OR FALSE?:  The percussion drill is named after legendary jazz percussionist Walt Donkley, who started playing a drill after he accidentally left his bongos in a Dortmund brothel.

THE DEAL: 30 days worth of allergy & Hay Fever relief with these Cetirizine Tabs – just 49p per packet (with £2.95 p&p). Ahhhh…..ahhhhhh….ahhhhhhhhhhh, oh, I’m okay actually.

TRUE OR FALSE?:  Hay Fever can be prevented by wrapping yourself in clingfilm and staying inside a chest freezer during the summer months.

(deals found by kobirulali, clondikemike and psybear)

ANSWERS: All statements are FALSE. Apart from the Hay Fever one. That’s probably true although we haven’t tested it yet.

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