HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 14th November

Welcome to a slightly late Deals Of The Day. Approximately 24 hours late to be approximately precise (although it’s not an exact science you understand,)
Here’s the latest and bestest bargains as unearthed by the hardy souls over at HotUKDeals to help you kick off the weekend with a spending frenzy…

If you’re fancying a new telly, have a look here and see how you can get a 32” Sony KDL-32V4000 for a bamboozling £329.99. At that kind of price, if you get offended by what you’re watching, you can happily kick the screen in and you won’t feel too aggrieved.

For an extra £70, you can even bundle up and throw in a Sony Home Theatre Kit, normally worth £199 on its own. How the hell can you refuse that?  You can’t, you shan’t, you won’t.
(Deals found by ptamblin and Bengaboy)

If you’ve got any cash left over, you have to get yourself a copy of Call Of Duty: World At War, which is released today for the Xbox 360 and PS3. As of midnight, Asda have been flogging the Xbox version for just £27.

Get yourself along, and while you’re there, stock up on snacks, drinks and maybe some adult nappies so that you can enjoy a full weekend COD session.
(Deal found by jackthelad)

Failing that, who fancies watching 1074 minutes of a cartoon cat and mouse chasing each other round and round? That’s almost a straight 18 hours so you might need those snacks, drinks and adult nappies we mentioned earlier.

It’s a 6-volume DVD box set of Tom & Jerry – the classic stuff, not the recent rotten remakes. Is it just us or is there something sexy about Tom’s burly mistress, the way she hitches up her skirts whenever Jerry is running around, and the way she bawls “Thomaaaaaaasss!” in a bid to rouse the dozy cat? Hmm, just us then…
(Deal found by edi)

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