HotUK Deals Of The Day - Friday 17th October

It’s getting colder and the kids have got a half term holiday looming, so here’s some child-friendly deals to see you into the weekend. As ever, they’ve all been discovered by the eager bargain beavers over at HotUKDeals.


For the little ‘uns, there’s a collection of 101 Nursery Rhymes for singalong fun. Be warned – it doesn’t contain full versions but has a medley-style so that you’re never far away from a new tune. A livener for rainy days and long car journeys.

Some of these CDs can be guilty of being made by talent-free maniacs, but as it’s only £1.99, if the nursery rhymes suck, you could always cut the disc into the shape of a Chinese star and give it to a teenage wannabe ninja.

HUKD member jakenjo says “it doesn't want to make you kill yourself, well not straight away.” High praise indeed.

(Deal found by amibees)


Next up is a (sort-of) freebie. The Mirror are giving away 12 free Lego toys over the next 12 days, redeemable at branches of Woolworths. More details over at HUKD.

Collect the lot and hey presto, you’ve got an impressive Christmas present. Making the trip to your local Woolies every day for almost a fortnight might also act as good exercise, as long as you avoid the Pick & Mix. You’ll probably be dreaming in Lego by the end of the offer but why does that need to be a bad thing?
And no, the Lego tower in the pic ISN'T what you'll get.

(Deal found by welshgirl1)

Finally, there’s a huge games clearout online and instore at Zavvi. A list of titles in the offer is here. Word of warning though – there’s talk of stock shortages already so it’s maybe worth getting a look at this sooner rather than later.

Of course if you’re a wise shopper, you’ll be stocking up on Elmo Live like we told you to yesterday. There’s ten of them in the corner here, all chattering away. One of them has got a bit of a chip on his shoulder and has been taking a swing at the others but apart from that it’s all good.

And no, the game in the pic ISN'T what you'll get.

(Deal found by whizzkid)

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