HMRC issue Yuletide warning over Nintendo imitations

Has the bare-chested MILF wrestling begun in HMV yet? Are folk fighting to get their hands on Wii products or not? I've no idea - as a smug and vaguely well organised gentleman I bought mine a month ago, so I haven't had to suffer the meat market of punters shuffling through shopping centres.

A word of warning if you do end up empty handed, or if the credit crunch is leading you to consider a cheaper alternative; HM Revenue & Customs has warned that the numerous counterfeit games consoles in the market fail to meet UK health and safely standards, and that buying such products could be putting consumer's lives in danger.

Hundreds of imported counterfeit Nintendo hardware products were seized at UK freight depots, having been sold from Asian websites as genuine, and were found to have been supplied with "potentially dangerous power adaptors". Crumbs. Remember your youth, when the only risks posed by rogue presents were rusty spikes and lead poisoning? Good times.

"At best, these consoles would have led to disappointment on Christmas morning; at worst, they could have caused serious harm or injury," said HMRC spokesperson Pamela Rogers. But who are these rapscallions attempting to pass off second rate Nintendo imitations? More importantly, what do they look like?

Oh yeah, I remember now.


EDIT: We've just received the following email from someone who wishes to remain anonymous...

"HM Revenue & Customs claiming these are counterfeit and illegal. In fact, they are lying to the public, these are Japanese/Chinese domestic market import Nintendo DS consoles, supplied with an additional UK charger (which might not be tested to UK standards, granted). In fact, parents need only buy a new charger in the UK and be perfectly safe. The ones the BBC and HMRC are claiming are fake, are actually iQue branded Nintendo consoles, designed for the Chinese market.

They are claiming that by buying these, people are funding terrorism. Nothing like a scare story, huh?"

Make of that what you will, although we like the line from HMRC spokesperson Clare Merrills in this story  - she says, "When you buy these goods, you're not funding our economy, you're actually funding criminals in these far off places and it could be linked to terrorism."

Ooh, shadowy criminals in far-off places! Must be terrorists then.


  • Spank
    Morrisons sell this crap
  • chrisg
    You've fallen for it as well! These are not fake DS, they are iQues, made for the Chinese Domestic Market. They are being imported with cheapo UK chargers. They are not counterfeit. The crap in MOrrisons is more like counterfeit goods, but somehow they are ok sell that!?
  • chrisg
    Wish you could edit posts for typos.
  • chrisg
    There are definitely fake consoles around, but the ones on BBC earlier were just Chinese ones.
  • chrisg And now metro readers also spot the same thing!
  • Liddle m.
    What's fake and what's real anyway? Afaik, all things Nintendo are fake. Or is that virtual...? Hmmm. In other news, my son informs me Pokemon might exist in a far-off planet we haven't discovered yet. Hey, he might be right. They probably have a Pokemon God living there too. Interesting, but back to the thread: I now learn that his Pokemon habit buys guns in Afhanistan! Oh dear, I feel it's time to move his allegiances to Microsoft. (Btw, what is the Pokemon equivalent on Xbox 360...?)
  • derek
    Maybe if the uk wasnt such a rip off , having to pay extortionate prices sometimes 2 and 3 times the cost in other countries we would not seek to purchase the products elsewhere. The products mentioned are on sale in high street stores not some shadey backstreet carboot with the sellers mates on the look out for the police. The message should be for retailers to drop their high markups rather than to stop trying to find a deecent price.

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