Have Sony just leaked what is next for the PS4?

ps4 Sony revealed a load of new features that are being tested on for the PS4, such as a friend online notification, an option to appear offline, a scheduling option so you can organise when to play games online with friends, the ability to livestream to Dailymotion, and more.

Well, thanks to a potential gaffe by Sony, they may have leaked further new features too.

PS+ members were sent an email this week, and they may have accidentally contained new things in a survey.

The features hinted at in the survey include discounts on PlayStation hardware and accessories, the chance to participate in monthly PS Plus contests, discounts on non-PlayStation Sony products like LED TVs and cameras, a PS+ knowledge base and forum for PS Plus members.

There's also mention of discounts and coupons for cinema tickets, and the chance to play in PS Plus gaming tournaments. There's also talk of free films sent to you, and discounts on things like Netflix and Spotify.

Seems like Sony have seen Amazon's Prime model, and are kind of doing their own version of it, trying to get people to sign up with a raft of offers and deals, rather than just exclusive content or early-bird purchases. It isn't a bad idea.

The one thing that will get gamers really excited, is the PS Plus gaming tournaments, especially if Sony stump up for some big prizes and the like.

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