Habbo Hotel site muted after investigation finds widespread kiddie-corrupting wrongness

If you’re a typical parent, you’re probably keen for your kids to have as many hobbies as possible that don’t involve them pestering the living daylights out of you, the stressed, beleaguered idiot that spawned them.

Having said that… DO NOT LET THEM GO ON THE HABBO HOTEL WEBSITE. For the uninitiated, Habbo Hotel is supposedly a heavily-moderated, kiddie-friendly virtual world where younglings can virtually hang out with each other, dressing themselves up and decorating their hotel room, spending credits that are bought within the game.


But a Channel 4 News investigation has revealed that it’s more like the kind of hotel that you would pay for by the hour. Yes, one of THOSE ones. A Channel 4 producer found that within minutes of logging on in the guise of a young girl, she was being asked about her body and being urged to log on to Skype or MSN for more intimate chats.

You can read more about their horrendous findings over at the Channel 4 News site – meanwhile Tesco, WHSmith and GAME have stopped selling Habbo Hotel gift cards and the Habbo bigwigs have muted all conversations on the site, pending some kind of investigation.

What now paedos? EH??


  • Paul G.
    I have never ever even heard of that site.
  • Me
    That's because Andy was one of the paedophiles and got upset...
  • qwertyuiop
    WTF are kids doing visiting a site like Habbo Hotel anyway? That is quite clearly a BDSM party shown in your screenshot. Disgraceful.
  • Jade
    This is the case in ALL online websites, facebook, other virtual games. Habbo is no different than other online games. This report has been extremely over exaggerated. You just have to be sensible and not go to those rooms that are made by older habbos.
  • Jaded
    Do those rooms that are made by older habbos have signs that say "Occupied by predatory pedophilliacs" on them or do you have to wait to be chatted up by a fourty year old to know which parts of the child's playspace are safe Jade?
  • lauren
    well they do have a point because i have been urged and almost forced to go on webcam and had people on habbo sexually talk to me even tho i didn't want to and said my age...
  • Jade
    No they say 'sexy singles' when I was 11 I wasn't stupid and nor are other 11 year old. I ignored those rooms. Plus the whole of habbo isn't full of these rooms, there are thousands of other rooms. Just like you have to be safe in real life at school in the playground, you have to be safe and sensible online, that's all I'm saying.
  • Gina
    This whole thing was a set up from the beginning. Rebecca Newton, the reporter who posed as an 11 year child on the site WAS NOT new to Habbo Hotel, quite the opposite in fact. She was on staff at Habbo as a 'Moderator' in 2007, she already knew there were certain rooms of the hotel you can go to where there would be rude stuff going on and she deliberatley focused on those rooms in her report. I have been playing Habbo for 2 years now and I have never seen that kind of stuff going on. Why? Because I don't go to those rooms, I just have fun with my friends from school. That doesn't mean that the stuff that was said is ok, but if a pedophile is in a park, do you blame the park? For those who have never played, you can kick or ban people from your own room or if you are in another room you can 'ignore' someone so you can't see what they are saying. Stuff on Facebook is 10 times worse than anything on Habbo, (believe me I know) but no one says anything about that, and I bet most parents haven't a clue about that either!
  • Zleet
    I blame the parents........ .........for having such sexy kids.
  • Dick
    > well they do have a point because i have been urged and almost forced to go on webcam and had people on habbo sexually talk to me even tho i didn’t want to and said my age… How did they force you? And why reveal your age? Just say you are a 40 year old man. Personally I think kids should be banned from BW.
  • Mark
    Ridiculous over-protective parents trying to wrap their children in cotton wool even more so. Playing outdoors is against 'elf 'n safety, social networking is now riddled with pedophiles, what next - monsters in the wardrobe have to wear high vis jackets in order to not scare children? Ludicrous.
  • Maddie
    I have a Habbo account. The way people get talked to, is based on what room you enter. There are many club rooms, which specificly say 18+ because of language used. And noone under the age of 14 should even use the website. They ask for your birthdate, and if your under 14 you are immediatly rejected. Just saying
  • habbo
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