Gran uses GTA V to go on glorious potty-mouthed British Gas rant

30 October 2013

A video has appeared online which shows a gaming granny playing GTA V. That's cool enough as it is, however, in the clip, she goes on a mental and thoroughly wonderful rant against British Gas, getting her revenge on innocents in the game and beating the crap out of them like they put her bills up.

Warning, this video has very, very fruity language.

The lady in question is called Gamergran87 and while punching and beating several pedestrians, setting people on fire and blowing up gas rigs, she shouts things like "SCUM!" and "20% price hike?! You thieving bastards. Have some of this!" And it is all aimed at British Gas.

Of course, it might not be strictly kosher, but we don't want to know. Either way, 'GAS BASTARDS' needs to make it into everyday language.

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  • Alexis
    More proof that the elderly only ever use 'British' companies. Bet's she with BT as well.

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