Goodbye Wii, hello Natal - coming Christmas 2010

The Consumer Electronics Show means more geek porn than The Hun's homepage. While Steve Ballmer may have universally disappointed the world's tech media with his half-hearted tablet presentation, Microsoft is still making plenty of noise - not unlike a yappy dog with two tails - about Project Natal. It's the games console that requires no remotes - the player's body can interact directly with the gaming experience.

A new behind-the-scenes video has now been released, and not only does Natal look fricking fantastic, it proves Microsoft's inability to produce revolutionary products without the assistance of Brits. Hurrah. Watch out for the dude who insists on wearing sunglasses inside. Will a lack of buttons dumb down the gameplay, or will it be like the difference between remote controls for the TV and having to get up to change the channel? We'll find out soon enough - the Natal (or whatever its name turns out to be) is due to launch in time for Christmas.


  • Gadget 4.
    I love The Hun! Twice a day!
  • Fella-Tio
    I dont get this whole natal thing! is it a 360 add on or a seprate console altogether???
  • Mike B.
    Want it now!!!!!
  • Nut S. is better
  • Bill G.
    People who know about this kind of interaction tell me that Natal is really rather crap and almost certainly won't work anywhere as well as the videos suggest
  • The B.
    Like Bitterwallet, a Nexus One would rock my world every moment I continue to draw breath because… I need to get out more.
  • tits
    its an add-on for the 360. It is not going to be cheap though...
  • worto
    @tits - I heard it was an addon to the 360 and was going to be around £50?
  • Amanda H.
    I'm disappointed, this has nothing to do with apple.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
  • ultimoscorpion
    yeah until microsoft sort out some family games like nintendo have I cant see anyone replacing their console for a 360
  • The B.
    Can anyone tell me when the last decent release for the wii was? Well over a year ago wasn't it?
  • Nobby
    I wonder if it will work with two people on the fighting games, one behind the other so that there are four arms in the style of vishnu. Extra punching power.
  • d72
    Why can't people just make games for traditional style controllers and live with it. Most Wii games are rubbish because all they do is concentrate on using the motion detection and then there's all of those stupid little controller adaptors that every other game seems to require... PS3 has Six Axis for motion detection but I've hardly seen it used (thankfully) If I wanted to jump around everywhere I'd go and play tennis for real, not jump around my room like a prat with a games controller controlling some rubbish looking cartoon character.
  • Jimbodeni
    Isn't this just the Eyetoy that the PS2 and PS3 have had for years?!
  • Sam
    Biggest Disappointment of 2010: Project Natal This is all very wishy-washy, I still don't see any strong ideas for who this is going to appeal towards. An impressive leap in technology? Yes. The next big thing in the gaming industry? No.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    It is all a bit gimmicky, but MS are out to steal a chunk of the casual family gamer market that Nintendon't have. And to do that, they're going to have to come up with something gimicky, cheap, that 'looks' fun. If they can pull an arcade with Natal pack out the bag, at a similar price to the Wii, and if there is good developer support, there is absolutely no reason why they can't steamroll all over Nintendo (apart from existing image)
  • Gamersdontexist
    If everyone jumps out and supports this with all the Wii bashing that goes on, it will just show proof of the hypocrital views the gaming community have. As my name implies, I feel there are no longer gamers. Just fanboys. This includes both "gamer" and developer side of things. Wii isn't perfect. Natal won't be perfect. Support good games on all platforms. Stop killing the industry with fanboyism. The Wii won this generation already with motion controls. Let's see if Natal actually ups the bar for the future before we start calling it a "Wii Killer".
  • Joe G.
    I've had the Nintendo Wee for the last 4 months now and I absolutely enjoy it. I had no idea that I would get such a workout. The boxing game that comes as part of "wii sport" really gets your heart rate pumping, if you don't enjoy making that trip to the gym, this is the next best thing. The funny thing is that I actually went to gamestop to get a gamecube adapter and I ended up buying this Nintendo Wee instead.
  • ABEL
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  • YoungShawdy
    Even before I ever saw this Natal, my opnion was, is and always will be: WII SUCKS! It's not precise, it's ugly graphics, and a dozen more bad things I could say. Wii sucks!! Xbox 360 is THE platform and with Natal I bet it's gonna be great.. Well, we'll see ;)

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