Goat Simulator: It is actually getting released in shops

goat For a while now, Goat Simulator has been meme-ing away online, with gamers desperate to find out whether the game will be funny for 1 day or 1 minute. Then, it saw release and everyone gurgled away at it, with one of the most unlikely hits in gaming history.

If you've missed it, Goat Simulator started out as a joke and, like a lot of jokes, it all got out of hand. Now loads of people want to play.

Coffee Stain’s prototype is now getting a retail release, but sadly, only in North America. It'll be available in shops next month.

Steam will no doubt be the main channel everyone uses to play the game, but the studio wanted to go ahead with a retail version, just for shits and giggles. "Steam has always been our primary source of income," Armin Ibrisagic told Polygon, "so a retail version is nothing we planned or thought would bring us a lot of income, we were more motivated by the fact that a physical box with a goat's face on it is pretty funny shit, so we decided to go for it."

Ibrisagic also thinks that the retail version could reach new people. “I can just imagine a mom seeing it in a store and being like 'Oh, Goat Simulator, that sounds like a fun game where you take care of farm animals, little Timmy will love this!' and the next day when they're having dinner, Timmy's like 'Mom, this food is penis shaped.’”

If you haven't seen the game, have a look here. Basically, you get to be a goat that heatbutts everything in sight, can stick axes to its tongue and even wear a jetpack.


  • Goat
    This article is all wrong. It's been in UK shops (box + disc, not just a download code) for a while now. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Koch-International-Goat-Simulator-DVD/dp/B00K0FJN9E/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1404224373&sr=8-2&keywords=goat+simulator http://www.game.co.uk/en/goat-simulator-293589?pageSize=20&searchTerm=goat&catGroupId=
  • sharkymouth
    This is already being sold in Tesco...

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