Get your game on for Playstation Move

Two years late, Sony is jumping on board the wireless-wand-meets-family-friendly-gaming bandwagon that Nintendo's Wii has been riding. Rather than retailing a new console, Playstation Move will be a plug-in for PS3 consoles, consisting of a motion camera and wands with multi-coloured bubbles full of liquid, each of which we're told contains a family of sea monkeys.

A Japanese promo for the Playstation Move has popped up on YouTube today - it involves a young Japanese schoolgirl opening doorways and watching strangers in their living rooms playing with their wands. Cough. Will you be first in line for Playstation Move come the Autumn, or will you be hanging on for Xbox Kinect?


  • greg
    2 years late? try 4 or 5. this advert makes it look shit, i didn't even watch til the end
  • ElBuc
    Too little too late
  • Zleet
    Was I supposed to be impressed by that? Wii controller with a lollipop on the end and games that look like the ones that come with the Chinese 'Vii' knock-off.
  • Roger R.
    Yeah this looks bollocks, didn't get through it all either. Old school light guns look better to be honest.
  • Rich
    ching chong chong chow shwer hong chong ching playerstation moverer
  • Yue
    Playstation has always been shite, why would this change things?
  • me
    Where can I buy a PREiSTRATION?
  • Howard M.
    Sony was first with motion controls with the Eyetoy and then with Sixaxis. PS3 came out a week before the Wii. Do some research :( The Move has the potential to be a lot better than Kinect or Wii because it combines both of them, but it'll probably still degrade into waggly party game shite.
  • issac h.
    Don't DX sell the wand thingy's as a 12-Mode Wire-free Body Massager?
  • The B.
    I've got a wii for kids games, I've got a PS3 for adult games, why the hell would I want to combine them for an extra £100?
  • kev
    give me the Menacer for the Megadrive over this shyte any day of the week
  • Pete
    The racing down the street on an office chair game has sold it for me. Put me down for 10!!!1!!
  • Born2hula
    I have a ps3, I love it, im as much of a fanboi as the next guy, but this is shit. Shit shit shit. Anybody who says this looks better than natal/kinect is mental. And frankly, that looks a bit shit too.
  • Tsung
    I watched the entire thing and was totally unimpressed by it. However at 2 mins 45sec it appears the xbox avatars make an appearance!! :P
  • Stewie G.
    Looks like a vibrator. End of.
  • Born2Hula
    @Tsung: I keep hearing mention and seeing pictures of faux-xbox PS3 avatars (which are just ripoffs of Mii's, lets face it), yet my PS3 remains confusingly (and thankfully) devoid of boggle-headed freaks. amidoinitrong?
  • Paul C.
    The Move is technically better than all the other motion sensing systems as it combines a camera and controllers with gyroscopes etc. However, for the large part games are aimed at people who don't really play games, families and Sony hope the 'regular' gamer will buy into this through some gimmickry. For example: Heavy Rain's gestures can now be replicated using the Move controller.
  • -]
    "adult games" on ps3? lol!
  • Ben M.
    no it fucking doesn't. 1. It's copied wholesale the Wiimote - did they pay Ninty for the design? 2. You need the eyetoy as well - not content with shelling out for a seperate piece of kit, the eyetoy is a single camera, as compares to the Kinects mishmash of mics, cameras and a cat with a microwave sellotaped to it's head. 3. All the games look designed for morons, or wii rip-offs. No ambition here, merely an attempt to own the Wii market, some three or four years too late. It's highly unlikely that if you could afford a PS3, you wouldn't have a Wii as well if you already want one. To quote Malcolm Tucker, the PS3 move looks about as useful as a marzipan dildo.

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