GAME's bait and switching used games for new still going on

Almost a year to the day, high street retailer GAME apologised after a lot of their customers bought new games and were palmed off with used and second-hand versions instead. "Some ex-display stock has slipped through our quality screening processes," said a GAME spokesperson, before assuring customers any mistakes will be rectified through replacements or refunds.

That was twelve months ago. What's changed since? Nothing whatsoever, according to avid Bitterwallet reader Jake. According to him, GAME are still palming off used goods as new:

I just received a copy of Dead Rising 2 Zombrex edition for PS3. I ordered it as new but received an unsealed tatty copy. There is a box on the side of the case that should hold a pen, which is missing; the steel book is dented; also the discs have smudges on.

I called my local game store which stated I had three options, The first two were to bring it in for a refund, or exchange for something different as they haven't had new copies of this game for ages.

Jake's third option?

In his exact words: "send it back and order it again but run the risk of getting another used copy".

So it's seemingly no secret among GAME staff that used copies are regularly palmed off as new. And why should it be; this has been going on for at least a year. While GAME spokespeople can excuse it as a one-off, it's seemingly so common that staff aren't afraid to mention it to customers.

There are 'mistakes' and then there's 'policy', and it's difficult to see how this continued behaviour from GAME isn't the latter. We'd be interested in hearing from you as to whether you've received used games when ordering new in the past twelve months. Let us know in the comments below, or email us in confidence at [email protected]


  • Euan
    Shouldn't he be toddling down to the nearest Trading Standards? I don't think the law favours selling used goods as new...
  • klingelton
    i'd like len dastard's view on this one... len, lo que opina de esto? (courtesy of google translate)
  • jake
    The e-mail response I got was very interesting, acknowledging that it was preowned and then stating that the "NEW" one I would get would not have a pen with it...... meaning there not new lol! "Thank you for your email. I do appreciate your frustration and am so sorry to hear that you have received an incorrect order again and can assure you that instances like this are extremely rare and I am truly sorry that you have received a preowned copy of Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition. " then they state..... "I would also advise you to gain a proof of postage from your local PO at no extra cost to yourself. When this is received a replacement order will be arranged for you. I can confirm that sadly the syringe pens, like all of our bonus merchandise is in limited supply and is subject to stock availability. Unfortunately we are now out of stock of this pen, however as a token of goodwill I have added 2000 points onto your reward card." Cheers BW for posting this! Jake
  • me
    game/gamestation/HMV are still doing this......... thats why if i buy from them its a last resort
  • oliverreed
    Copy the game, no need for boxes/original discs/gay freebies
  • dvdj
    That's probably why these stores are so keen for you to trade in nearly new titles for other new titles as they'll sell them on as new instead of preowned. The Bastards. That being said, so long as it's perfect I couldn't be arsed complaining (I know in this instance it wasn't so fair enough).
  • Zleet
    These aren't the only ones who have done this, I bought a 'new' TV series box set from the Hut and received a tattered box with scratches and smudges on all the discs.
  • Chris
    Over the last 12 months i have ordered 10 games from game, and out of those i would say six were new sealed, the other 4 had the hooky game pre owned seal on them.

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