GAME staff and their trips to Tesco for cheap 3DS consoles

You might have noticed Tesco’s pretty special instore launch offer for the Nintendo 3DS a few days ago – get the console for only £175 when you buy it with a game for £34.90.

If you went along to get one but found that they’d sold out, it might have been the case that GAME staff had got there first and bought a few of them to sell in their own shops, at a profit.

A leaked memo shows that GAME’s head office authorised staff members to go to Tesco and buy up to five of the bundles per trip, which they would then re-sell as pre-owned consoles, at the same price as brand new ones (£219.99). With the huge demand across the country for the 3DS, these it’s fair to say that these ‘pre-owned’ consoles won’t have stayed on the GAME shelves for too long.


A GAME spokesperson told Eurogamer: "Some of our stores wanted to move quickly last weekend to build their pre-owned stocks of 3DS at the same time as their local competitors, so we gave them a process to do that. It was not mandatory, and happened in small volumes."

However, a GAME staff member told Eurogamer that the store he works at was reprimanded for not taking part.

So if you missed out on the Tesco offer, you could have gone round to your nearest GAME and got a 3DS there. Probably too late now though…


  • milton t.
    what a set of cun........................... I hope game goes bust - I purposely dont buy from them or their affiliates because of the shity service I have had in the past, when returning faulty items with receipt - dickless nonothing managers who only comply when you put them straight on their massive lack of consumer knowledge it just isnt worh the hassle buying from these cu^ts - sorry the arent cu^nts as a cu^nt does its job propely.
  • fuzzy
    This just reeks of desperation But it is not only GAME that would have done this the Indie stores do it all the time as well.
  • Tweedskin
    When I worked in an independent record shop many years ago, this was common practice. Especially when a big album came out and our stock hadn't arrived (being a little shop, we had lower priority it seemed). I once went to FOPP to buy 200 copies of the Beatles "Let it be - naked" cos ours hadn't arrived. But FOPP happily sold them to me without batting and eye.
  • Rich
    Is the camera persons (being PC) newt attacking them or what?
  • Alex
    Not the first time Game have done this, they had their staff doing it when Sainsbury sold Xbox 360 Arcades for £99 a while back. You can tell how much they're suffering as their stock is slowly shifting entirely towards 2nd hand gear (which has a higher margin for them) than new stuff. Only benefit over buying from ebay- lack of pubes in the packing.
  • Russ
    I'll do that for them, take the credit card rewards and clubcard points!!
  • Jo
    Considering how long Game has been in business I find it quite funny that their suppliers give Tesco a better price on the wholesale goods than them. I understand Tesco will buy in massive quantities but whatever happened to customer loyalty?!!!
  • Gamer
    Nah, its not that Tesco get a better price on the wholesale. more that Tesco sell under the wholesale price to draw people into their stores so they then go and buy other things that they do make money on (energy drinks and popcorn for gamers I guess), its quite common. Cant see any issue with this myself, Game buy them and sell them on as second hand (so dont even pretend they are new) for the same or less than what they bought, its better than those absolute twats who buy all the stock to sell at massively inflated prices on ebay.
  • Tim
    I'll admit I've got shares in Game, but such a tiny amount I don't care much. However this is a practice a lot of retailers use, big and small. Is there anything wrong with it? They're even selling them as pre-owned and no cheaper than brand new. Game are much like the PC World, Currys of this world and the same people are used as staff, but that's the UK high street for you really. They're all fairly crap, but useful for browsing and then buy online. Where they all succeed is with the gullible and the desperate who need to buy something quicker than they can get online.

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