GAME spam customers for not buying from them

21 December 2009

A while ago we called out Amazon for bothering customers with product recommendations via email for the heinous crime of browsing the site and not buying anything. Now are doing something similar but they're not quite so subtle:

GAME: Go On, You Know You Want It!

We noticed that you are interested in this product but then decided against purchasing. Maybe you got distracted, maybe you were about to be spotted shopping at work by your boss, maybe you just didn't fancy buying it just then. Either way we just wanted to let you know that it's still available if you want it.

This was what avid Bitterwallet reader James received after browsing through a few games on the site. Yes, GAME will now email you and chastise you if you don't buy something from them. Worse still, the only option we can find in our account is for opting in and out of their weekly newsletter - so unlike Amazon's recommendation emails, it doesn't appear you can opt out from this... what's the word we're stretching for... spam. As James points out - if every website we registered with sent an email every time we glanced at it, our inboxes would be heaving.

Bitterwallet - GAME spam customers who don't buy from them
But the real question is, why didn't James buy from GAME? What the hell was he playing at?

All those maybe's, but one maybe they didn't include but should have - "Maybe you didn't buy it because you saw it cheaper elsewhere".

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  • Dan
    The real question is: "Why is this front page news?"
  • Esarty
    This is a quiet news day - I can tell by the pixels and having seen many quiet news days in my time
  • Alabaster C.
    Dan in "not understanding how blogs work" shocker.
  • Nicola
    Yet another reason for me to add to my "I HATE GAME" list. Knuckle dragging emo assistants Overpricing The shops smell like teenage boys Their customer service line kept me on hold for half an hour. And now this.....Spam you can't turn off. Grrr!
  • Paul S.
    A retailer that spams you because you choose not to buy from them is a story. It's a consumer website. That's consumer news.
  • John S.
    Shanks here. This all sounds very clever. How did they know James's email address?
  • Tom P.
    Posted by John Shanks | December 21st, 2009 at 1:11 pm "Shanks here. This all sounds very clever. How did they know James’s email address?" Because the knob signed into his account BEFORE browsing the site.
  • Paul S.
    Not sure that makes him a knob, Tom? He could have been signed in from a previous session. You shouldn't have to sign out of a site in case they want to spam you for no good reason.
  • Bill G.
    He gave his email address to them at some point. Therefore, knob. It's GAME FFS!
  • Theo C.
    Charles Tyrwhitt website did the same to me. Sent me an email, reminding me I had put items in my basket, not acted like a knob on a consumer blog, that is.
  • Nobby
    Spam filters are a useful thing.
  • John S.
    Shanks again. Thank you for the clarification. I should be ok however, as I always register for websites with my wife's details as I am always vigilant about giving away my identity online.
  • Posted b.
    yeah I always use your wife's details too. Much safer.
  • John's w.
    Hmm, I don't feel so bad about sleeping with your dad now. ;)
  • John's d.
    Your wife is quite a toasty little crumpet, son.
  • John S.
    Nice try gentlemen, however my Dad doesn't go onto the internet until after 6pm, when it's cheaper, so I know that those posts are not from him.
  • John's w.
    He's using ours know..what with the affair n everything. Don't worry. He'll be gone when you get home!
  • John's M.
  • Johns l.
    You havent told her about us have you - El bastardo -

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