GAME hijacks Sainsburys Wii £149.97 loss leader

In a move that can be best described with the word PWND!1!!1 GAME pulled off a coup by buying up 1000 Wiis reduced to £149.97 at Sainsburys as a loss leader. To add insult to injury the cheap Wii consoles were then sold at GAME for profit.

Sainsburys had reduced the Wii console down £30 from £179.99 in order to attract buyers and were reportedly losing £10 on each sale. Smart ass GAME sent their store managers to Sainsburys to buy up as much as possible - walking away with 1000 of the 2000 consoles available.

The Telegraph reports,

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s claimed it was a very successful promotion. “We sold out,” she said. The spokesman refused to comment on whether the consoles had been sold at a loss or whether they had been snapped up by Game managers.

It seems a simple solution would have been one console per customer. Bitterwallet suspects some poor Sainsburys marketing sap is currently getting caned in a back office with unsold Wiimotes.



  • Richard
    This is a real shame. I spent the week trying to get one of the Xbox 360s available on the same promotion, but had zero luck. Reading that has only made me angry towards Game for stealing a good deal from the public.
  • Paul N.
    That's true - I guess it's like the eBay resellers on HUKD!
  • LeighB
    Really is just an Epic Failure on Sainsburys behalf.

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