GAME again deny selling used games as new...

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This might seem like a familiar topic for some of our most ardent readers because it is something that we have covered in the past. Some 18 months ago GAME had apologised for selling second hand games as new. Then, some 12 months later it seemed as if it was still happening. I think you know where this is going...

We were tipped off over at HUKD after member christopherguy25 ordered some Wii games as a birthday present for his son. After receiving the item, he said - "The case etc was in such bad condition that even if I had bought it as a pre-owned game I would have still returned it. After waiting 20 mins on the phone to customer services they told me to post it back with the free post address. There was no apology whatsoever". Hmm...

Naturally, we wanted to ask GAME for their version of events. It seems incredibly odd that this is still happening. They told us:

‘Without the specifics of the complaints highlighted by your readers, we can’t comment on those individual circumstances but we want to be very clear that we never sell pre-owned stock as new. In fact, our new stock and pre-owned stock are kept in entirely separate parts of our warehouses so that we ensure the correct stock is dispatched. However, if any customer is not happy with the condition of the title they are sent, we strongly encourage them to let us know and send back the game to us either to get a replacement or for a refund. Our customer service team are also always on hand to deal with any specific queries or issues so we would recommend customers call 0871 200 3068 if they want to speak to a member of the customer service team about a specific issue. ’

Mistake are made, but surely procedures are put in place to make sure that they aren't made over and over again? This is not the first time that this seems to have happened so HUKD members surely cannot be in the minority.

Have you had any experiences of receiving used games after buying new? Get in contact if so - [email protected]



  • Daniel
    Couldn't it have been damaged in the post?
  • Tim
    "New" stock can still end up scratched up loads if it's been sitting around for a while or get moved about a lot in stock shuffling. Back in the days when you bought from the high street I remember VHS box in the likes of HMV would often have scratched up covers especially if they were old stock. Technically new items rather than second hand, but just been sitting there and chucked around a lot in warehouses and the shelves as they move things about.
  • Drizzt
    I worked in GAME a few years ago as a student, and this used to be rife in stores, especially when a package sale depended on it. "We need a copy of GTA: Vice City for this PS2 pack.. its worth £200" "We haven't any new, but there is a preowned copy kicking around somewhere." "Get it, clean it up and we'll punt it as new to get the sale." Really. Then you prayed you weren't working when the miffed customer came back to complain about the state of their 'new' game as you knew you'd get it in the neck. I imagine things haven't changed much since those days of yore.
  • JonB
    I did some work experience in a TV & video store many years ago. The staff would form a chain when a delivery arrived and would throw the items down the chain and up the stairs to the storeroom. Sometimes the items would be dropped or damaged. It's possible this is what happens in many stores so a battered game/DVD/CD should not be unexpected.
  • Brian
    Games invariably come in cellophane wrapping. If the cellophane wrapping around the game was missing and the box was in a tatty condition then I would suspect that the game was pre-owned.
  • Liam
    Yes, I always get games without the cellophane wrap at Game. It really annoys me as you don't know if it is new or not. The box hasn't necessarily been tatty, but I've had booklets with creased corners where someone has folded it.
  • Neil
    So in 12 months they appear to have made one mistake??? Burn them at the stake!!! Someone tell the dailymail!!!
  • Phil76
    "Our customer service team are also always on hand to deal with any specific queries or issues so we would recommend customers call 0871 200 3068 if they want to speak to a member of the customer service team about a specific issue. ’ At 10p a minute I'm sure they're always on hand.
  • Albert E.
    I purchased Call of Duty once, when I took it home the booklet inside had "Peter Smith" written inside, there was also some old cigarette butts in the case too and some old cornflakes. I took it back to Game who said it was brand new which was a relief as I suspected it might have been used.
  • james D.
    Lucky bastard, you got the limited fags and corn flakes edition.
  • JD64
    Back in the day GAME would recall new games when they needed to redistribute their stock around the business. Bearing in mind some of the games would be out on the shelf you would rebox these and send them back to the central warehouse. Presumably as the business has evolved some of that 'new' stock ends up available in not only other stores but also the online side of the business. Depends on your meaning of new. The game has likely never been played but that may not stop it looking a bit well worn. Pretty much every game on the shelf of your local game would be reboxed and sold if it were the last copy.
  • Chewbacca
    Let's underline this once and for all:- NEW condition is when a game is unopened, in its factory seal. Any other condition (whilst not technically "used") is not NEW. This includes where the retailer has opened the seal, removed the contents (a process known as "masterbagging") and placed the case on their shelf for display. When I buy a new game, I want to be the first to open the factory seal. GAME are not selling new items when they sell ex-display stock, and should not be pretending that they are. I don't see why they don't just get display boxes from their distributors and put them on the shelves?
  • Sicknote
    Well, sometime back last year I was shopping for a birthday gift in GAME & HMV and both stores provided me game discs that were stored in cardboard sleeves out the back. Which meant that the gift I would be giving already had the Microsoft seal broken and was not in my opinion brand new. I told them both to fuck off and bought the game for my son from Amazon.
  • Tom
    I once bought a banana from Game, but when it arrived somebody had eaten it and replaced the contents with shredded newspaper. They had cellotaped the skin back together to make it look like new, but I'm no fool!
  • Game m.
    I once bought a pair of underpants from Game that were used. Or was that Ebay?
  • Gazza f.
    When I purchased Paul Gascoigne's autobiography from Game last year, I found that some drunken idiot has written his name inside the first page. Definitely used...
  • Mike S.
    I have had this problem with GAME a couple of times, personally i've stopped buying from them. There have been 2 occasions where i've been really Pee'd off, One when F.E.A.R 2 came out (Forked out around £12 extra for a new copy instead got a pre-owned, scratched copy and they did'nt even bother taking the gamestation stickers off the front) No reply from email, got Bullcrap from the guys instore. Also got a copy of duke nukem forever a few days after it game out and got curved case but heres the kicker.... there was no game in the case, again no reply from the email i sent and i don't have the energy to sit on the phone for god knows how long. Customer service suck overall instore + online.

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