FIFA 15 to have 'emotional intelligence'

Gamers are getting excited for EA Sports' new trailers for the forthcoming FIFA 15.

Of course, people who don't like the FIFA franchise can't fathom why it stays so popular. The simple answer is NEW KITS. Such is the life of a football fan.

Naturally, there are gaming developments, most of which are too boring to relay here. However, there's one new feature which is exciting - 'emotional intelligence'.

Basically, FIFA 15 is going to put more focus on the players and fans emotions, so playing feels more like you're at the ground or watching it on telly.

The video below shows commentators reacting to what the fans do, while players learn to encourage each other or, even better, learn to develop frustrations and hatred. Splendid.

FIFA 15 is scheduled for release across all formats in September, just in-time to make a Christmas No.1 bid.

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  • jim
    so can you dive in the game? can you pretend to be hit in the face and fall over crying like a baby? there is no sportmanship in football at all anymore this game should reflect that.

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