Extra charge coming for buyers of used EA Sports games

Tiger Woods - now he's screwing ALL of us! Great nipples though...

Dig if you will a picture of the near-future. You’ve just bought yourself a game – a good one too, Tiger Woods 2011, made by the well-renowned Electronic Arts games corporation. It’s a used copy but you’re feeling pretty, pretty pleased with yourself – after all, you saved up all your money to pay for it and now you’re completely skint.

Still, you’ll soon be playing your newly-acquired game against your mates courtesy of the online capabilities of it. No, actually shithead, you won’t. That’s because EA Sports (it’s in the game!) have launched a new ‘Online Pass’ feature. It includes online functionality, added features, and bonus content and, because you bought your game used, you’ll have to stump up an extra $10 to get it (UK pricing TBA).

You should have paid for a brand new copy and you would have got the ‘Online Pass’ for free. But you didn’t, so shut up.

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  • Nobby
    So long as it is clear in the pricing that you need to buy an online pass to use online features, I don't really see a problem if you can still play the game (by yourself) without purchasing online features.
  • darkspark88
    Hmm...slowly eroding the benefits of consoles over pc gaming. Soon they'll be Ubisoft "must always be online" DRM for console gamers to deal with... In a way, makes things fairer for all gaming parties, but fairer in the sense that everyone is now having their heads held under the water and there's nobody to guiltily look on.
  • Hugh R.
    Wow I read a BW article. EA are the Ryan Air of games companies. As well as pre-owned games this is gonna effect rentals. Not a fan of places such as CEX but this is wrong. Perhaps if they reduce the price of new games people will be less inclined to buy pre-owned. This isn't about piracy, it's sheer greed. TBH I'm suprised it's EA that done it 1st and not Activision
  • Ashley
    Excuse the language, but they can fuck right off.
    wont make any difference, anyone that knows EA avoids their products like the plague, they abandon live support for games very very quickly, MADDEN 09 ANYBODY? shocking company
  • Brad
    Looks like ill be buying Pro Evo this year then.
  • Bullet
    Congraulations EA, I now will be stealing your games at any opportunity I get. Thus costing you Hundreds of pounds in lost revenue, your company will be in finacial difficulity in 3 weeks time, there will be a layoff because of me and my actions and you might find one morning where you cant supply your employies with pens for a whole hour. Fight the good fight.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Who on earth buys second hand games... I just download them for free :D
  • Get j.
    Console gamers do, the group this is targeting, hence why PC gaming gets shit support cos its easy to pirate any game.
  • brightspk
    SOCOM FTB 3 for the PSP has gone the same way, £7.99 for online entitlement.. If you buy the game used, you have to shell out the £7.99 How to kill the second hand games market eh ?
  • andy y.
  • CompactDistance
    What about when it becomes impossible to find a new copy of the game? Ugh.
  • JNG
    EA have said for years that the 2nd hand games market is a problem for them adn damages sales. nice solution, but will only turn me to piracy again instead.
  • Skymarshall
    What EA need to recognise, is that it's not the 2nd hand game market that's damaging sales. It's the ridiculous prices they sell their games at.
  • Fatal E.
    And how will piracy let you play online?.... oh wait. EA should realise, the second hand games market was never really a problem. They may see it as "lost revenue" but the money from trading in games is often spent on new games! GAME or Gamestation just cream off the top of it, just like they do for normal retail sales.
  • Alex
    I think this is a great idea. EA have created some new and innovative IP recently like Mirrors Edge. This has sold poorly in comparison to their big sports games but has been cross subsidised by the profit they make on Fifa etc. Although the 2nd hand market is distinct from piracy, the end effect on publishers isn't much different, they lose revenue from sales as shops like GAME make all the money from resales, and with each resale stop the publisher making anything back from their investment in developing the game. Okay the consumer is paying for the game, unlike piracy, but like piracy, the publisher isn't seeing a penny from it. So unless you're happy with risk averse publishers churning out generic WW2 FPS's from now until the end of days, this is probably a necessary evil.
  • Alex
    "It’s the ridiculous prices they sell their games at." If you adjust the price of a Megadrive game for inflation, it works out at £60 in todays money. Likewise if you adjust the price of a playstation 1 game for inflation, it comes to just under £60. Games today are relatively cheaper than they've been in years.
  • CHris
    They already do this with the likes of BFBC2 and ME2 anyway, with VIP codes. Clever enough I guess, but it's also a pain. I don't agree with it but do agree EA suck (although they still produce some great games). Bah.
  • (jah) w.
    Fatal Exception: By pirating the game, you are saving the £10-£20 that a preowned game would cost. You would then use that £10 to buy an "online pass". DYS? Personally I'd just (continue) to avoid EA games. Support a decent company instead.
  • Skymarshall
    @ Alex. You can adjust for inflation as much as you like, it doesn't mean that if those games were available today they would retail at that price. That's like suggesting that house prices of the 1960s with an inflation adjustment would come out at the prices they are today. Not the case..
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    Bioware's 2 most recent RPGs both do this already (Dragon age and Mass effect 2) Well done on selling your souls to Sata...EA, Bioware!
  • Phil M.
    Don't alot of PC games have similar? EG games come with a code that you must enter on install, if this fails validation on line you don't get to play online but you still get to play offline
  • (jah) w.
    Phil, and that is why the PC market is in the state it is. Consoles, gone from being something you can turn on and be in a game within 5seconds to basically a PC, requiring 30second bootups, hard drive installs and now this. Gaming is Dead, Long Live Gaming!

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