Everything there is to know about gaming, by Alan Titchmarsh

I might have once fancied Julie Peasgood. I can't remember the exact circumstances; it may have been a cheese-induced dream. Regardless, I didn't get past 2'23" in this nonsensical attempt to bring down the gaming industry by three people who don't know anything about it. One of them is Kelvin MacKenzie. Another is Alan Titchmarsh. That, ladies and gentlemen, tells you all you need to know. Let's us know how far you get into it before wanting to harm yourself:

"Video games promote hatred, racism, sexism." Not like newspapers then, eh Kelvin?

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  • Gunn
    Everytime I see this kind of debate on TV, they totally stack the guests with people who are anti video games and have no idea about them. Even Titchmarsh was piling in on the poor guy, try being a balanced host.
  • Adam
    Alan Titchmarsh, what a cunt.
  • Andy
    There's nothing quite like just ignoring reasonable comments and facts and just making shit up. Fuck you Peasgood.
  • ssme
    despite his tendency to mix his metaphors, the pro-video game guy spoke nothing but sense. i think the look on his face at 1:16ish sums up the moment that he realises he's fighting a losing battle before he's even begun (it's the point where titchmarsh seems to claim that all movies are watched at this new-fangled cinema place, and thus are easy to keep out of kids' sight...)
  • Gunn
    I've decided to email ITV to complain, everyone pile in see if we can get him off air.
  • Tom
    Boo, you fixed the passed/past before I could whinge like the sanctimonious twat I am.
  • Mark M.
    I feel really sorry for the journo. The others are just talking shit and he's sat there reapeating that you shouldn't buy your kids adult rated games while they witter on about kids playing adult rated games! Tossers
  • DrTrouserPlank
    A programme aimed at women. Women who want to blame video games for their kids being fat without accepting responsibility for the crap she feeds them. Women who want to blame video games for her son getting into fights at school, despite taking no time to teach him any sort of values or have any discipline within the household. Women who want to blame video games for her husband not being "attentive" enough, without acknowledging the fact that he works hard to support her while she sits at home watching tosh like the Alan Titchmarsh show. Same sort of crap as loose women. "yeah I've got a fanny, aren't I great and self-righteous!!"
  • Andy
    Apart from playing Fallout 3 for too long and seeing little green hit % points on people when I left the flat I'm actually more likely to do anything violent after watching Titchmarsh and his stupid little face. The Peasgood woman who's against violence as entertainment actually did voice acting in some zombie game too. Hypocritical twat.
  • james
    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0669453/ Julie Peasgood voiced "Holloway" in 'Martian Gothic: Unification' http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0419947/ Oh dear!
  • Nobby
    I like gardening and I have taught my kids to kill slugs.
  • Uncle C.
    I thought Alan Patridge, oops sorry ... Alan Titchmarsh, was talking about "the gay men industry". What's that got to do with violent videos?
  • BO
    Arent all the games he mentions at the beginning 18 certificate? IDIOTS
  • JonnySpandex
    Whata complete load of shit! The poor guy was ganged up upon - the old buggers want cencorship AKA "you're too dumb to decide what's good for you, so we'll choose" and the younger guy Tim is the only one who thinks that yes these things should be allowed but parent's should stop their children. God I hate seeing society fall into the trap of parents who can't be bothered to do whats right and instead blame the makers. Funnily enough the silly old fuckers have never played games and are dead against them (see what I did there? Violent games? Dead against?...oh sod it...)
  • Paul S.
    OK, I just skipped ahead a bit and immediately heard Kelvin say "war game videos" and had to stop it. Can't watch it.
  • wellsie
    I don't give a shit what these old fuckers think. They will be in nursing homes forces to play wii tennis in a couple years. They can moan all they want rotting in there, no one will listen. There your fucking kids don't let them play call of duty, you dumb fucks!
  • Nobby
    > Let’s us know how far you get into it before wanting to harm yourself I watched it all the way through. It is not me that I want to harm. Alan Titchmarch clearly doesn't understand. Julie Peasgood was banging on not about the violence, but the interactivity in a game, saying that they cannot be compared to films / cinema / DVD because of this interactivity. Then, twice, Alan Titchmarsh asks about *watching* video games.
  • Morocco
    Since when did Titchmarsh become spokesman for the moral majority? Get back in the garden and dig some fucking holes, you shit jumper-wearing cunt.
  • Skymarshall
    It appears Mr. Titchmarsh needs to visit Comet/Currys/the hell with it, Tescos, and purchase a DVD player. See if he can take the magic of cinema home to his kids.
  • StauntonLick
    The worst aspect is how horrifically prevalent these types of shows are - ones that essentially provide a platform for video game-bashing in the guise of a balanced debate. The other two guests, and even the host, clearly don't know what they're talking about ("war game videos"), and without an informed opinion are reduced to pandering to the daily mail-reading, narrow-minded morons that make up the audience for these shows. Also, Titchmarsh talks like he's been in a box since the 30s. The man doesn't understand home video. Get him off the telly.
  • shinkyshonky
    Kelvin MacKenzie. Alan Titchmarsh...wtf...two twats of the highest order anyway who watches this shit
  • From D.
    [...] sister site, Bitterwallet, occasionally ventures into our territory- and they’ve found a hilarious clip from the Alan [...]
  • Jack
    This is just so disgusting. I too nearly had to switch off, but are around 1m30s. Such nonsensical arguments being thrown at the daemon video game player. Alan was one of the worst moaning at how video games don't have ratings like movies - lol. These people are so out of touch with the whole industry, it is so so bad - and far too ignorant to be acting like experts on the matter. They may as well come out with the argument "how come my son can watch hardcore porn DVD's?" Well no, he can't unless, you buy them for him, just like you do with his shooter games and action games! I think the DVD might be a new invention Alan hasn't heard of, I think he was quite surprised when he found you can watch movies in the home now.
  • Jack
    I also hated the total imbalance, why were the crowd clapping? The demographic must be post 50 years old women. My mum is in her mid 40's and she doesn't moan about video games like this, she has a basic idea of what content you can find in them, and knows they have ratings like DVD's. I don't know how the sensible man got singled out as the evil beast here
  • Uncle C.
    Daytime TV studio audiences = Darby & Joan Clubs (all the tea and biscuits you can consume FOR FREE and lots and lots of toilet breaks).
  • cookie
    Julie Peasgood = no idea what she's on about = twat. Actually, Julie Peasgood = twat.
  • Rick
    I love all the swearing and grilling into Julie Peasgood. I may aswell join in the fun here. Julie Peasgood : Seriously shut the hell up you silly bitch you are a hypocrite and don't have a clue the shit you are spouting from your mouth.
  • Ceri
    Am I aloud to compare the studio audience to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YOh-rpvjYg (Family Guy - Undecided Voters)
  • 2in3
    Kelvin MacKenzie - a man who took great delight in the sinking of a ship containing Argentinian conscripts during the Falklands war. His headline to mark the loss of 323 lives was "Gotcha". http://www.sterlingtimes.co.uk/gotcha1.htm Julie Peasgood - a "sexpert" who despite being "categorically against violence for entertainment" has starred in Taggart, The Bill and Brookside. As mentioned above, she was also a voice actor in the 2000 game "Martian Gothic" where zombies attempt to eat your flesh. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=239985 Alan Titchmarsh - can't even read an auto-cue correctly "Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare..." and writes dodgy "erotic" novels. If these are the bastions of morality in UK society, then bring on the tsunami of violence brought about by video games. Theirs is a society I do not want to live in.
  • Zleet
    That was excruciating to watch. Three completely clueless fuckers who I doubt have ever played a videogame in their lives trying to act the experts. It really pisses me off when these kinds of people suggest all video games should be censored because some parents are irresponsible enough to buy their children 18+ rated games. I have yet to see anything in videogames as violent as Hostel or Saw, even when they try the graphical limitations make it seem cartoonish.
  • Numptyman
    What bilge Looking at the Julie Peasgood website I see she is doing what she can to fuck up the home owning options of young people in Cornwall with a 2nd home in Port Isaac. http://www.juliepeasgood.com/favourites.shtml Nice Any ideas?
  • StauntonLick
    Extract from Julie Peasgood's website (From "The Greatest Sex Tips In The World") "Did You Know? Semen contains only 5 to 15 calories per ejaculation, and about 60% of our recommended daily intake of Vitamin C." She truly is a bastion of morality in these troubled times. Bear in mind that this is from the back cover of a book that anyone could pick up in a bookshop, with no age restrictions or ratings.
  • Andy
    Waging war on Peasgood and her uncensored and unrated spunk diet for kids? Excellent idea.
  • singhster
    It's simple, when parents are buying an 18 game for their kids (I've seen it happen many a time), they should think "Would I buy them a porno?". If the answer is no, then don't buy it. And I don't give a shit about the stats about violent games affecting kids, they shouldn't be getting them in the first place. The last Bond movie was a 12 incidentally, plenty of shooting, scenes of torture, etc. No-one kicks up a fuss about this do they? Parents need the education, not the kids.
  • Mark M.
    I've actually complained about the show now. I reckon there'll be a big full inbox at ITV because of this ;)
  • donttouchthehair
    Borrowing a few bits from this thread I've sent the following email off to: [email protected] with the heading: COMPLAINT: Alan Titchmarsh Show - “Video games promote hatred, racism, sexism” piece To whom it may concern, I would like to make a complaint regarding an episode of the Alan Titchmarsh Show in which a piece about video game violence was shown featuring Kelvin MacKenzie and Julie Peasgood. The piece was imbalanced and outrageous in its ignorant prejudices whilst simultaneously managing to avoid what should have been the central issue - the availability of age-rated video games to young children. I fear that pieces like this actually shift the blame away from the parents who should control their child's access to graphic material. Would you blame your child for watching hard core pornographic material if you yourself had bought it and provided it to them? Alan, Kelvin and Julie's inability to use reason was nothing short of a woefully misinformed witch hunt. Because of this lack of awareness in the Titchmarsh debate, I would expect that you (ITV) have probably done more harm to educating the public than any noble (read: sensationalist) intentions you may have intended. Furthermore, the hypocrisies within the piece are outrageously apparent when one considers the following information: Kelvin MacKenzie – a man who took great delight in the sinking of a ship containing Argentinian conscripts during the Falklands war. His headline to mark the loss of 323 lives was “Gotcha”. http://www.sterlingtimes.co.uk/gotcha1.htm Julie Peasgood – a “sexpert” who despite being “categorically against violence for entertainment” has starred in Taggart, The Bill and Brookside. As mentioned above, she was also a voice actor in the 2000 game “Martian Gothic” where zombies attempt to eat your flesh. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=239985 Alan Titchmarsh – writer of “erotic” novels that do not even feature an age rating themselves and are available for children of any age. As such, I will endeavor to make sure that the Alan Titchmarsh show is boycotted by all those that I know, for fear of the show having a corruptible influence on their common sense faculties. Yours sincerely
    The twats well named TIT chmarsh
  • numptyj
    christ I watched all of that but what a bunch of wankers (apart from the journo) not listening to his side of the arugment at all, and what was that cunt Twatmarsh going on about...you can stop them going to the cinema, u can stop them from being home..erm ok greenfingers. Its down to the fucktard parents, once when I was in game this 11 or 12 year old wanted to buy GTA San Andreas and his mum was just gonna get it...until the awesome sale assistant piped up and said to the mother, you do realise this game is about shooting, drugs and prostitution haha lmao, needless to say the kid didnt get the game. They were all talking out of their fuckin arses. cba to check, but who ever commented about wii tennis in nursing home I LOL'd
  • Gigahurtz
    Tim Ingham clearly and repeatedly outlined that videogames are age restricted and that the games consoles they play them on have parental controls to stop children from playing games that are too old for them if parents bothered to turn them on. The public and your panel seem to find it easier to lay the blame at developers and manufacturers doors instead of addressing the real problem that parents take little or no interest in the games there children play and i myself have witnessed parents buying games for children that are clearly too young to play the game even though the game has an age restriction sign on the box. Adult violent video games are age restricted just as adult violent movies are and it is parents disregard for these restrictions that are to blame. This shameful display of ill informed and biased opinions from the other two panelists, who clearly had the agenda to reciprocate the feelings of those lazy parents, the studio audience and tabloid finger pointers really shocked me. If a child should manage to get hold of an age restricted game without there parents knowledge and that parent had bothered to read the instructions provided with the console about how to set the age restriction prevention built into it then the child wouldn't even be able to play the game. Adult video games are meant to be played by adults just as adult movies are meant to be watched by adults. To accuse the gaming industry of causing violent behavior in children because of playing adult games is recklessly drawing attention away from the real problem at hand which is a culture of ignorance towards what our children are allowed to see by parents who are happy to give children what they want to keep them quiet.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Alan Titchmarsh and his shit-thick chums put the world of gaming to rights. [...]
  • fuk-u
    Alan Titchmarsh is a fucking racist biggoted CUNT Perfect for ITV

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