Everything but the kitchen sink for Nintendo Wii U controller

Wow. Here’s a freshly-leaked pic of the controller from Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console – and it’s incredible, although not in a particularly good way.


This is the newest version of the controller, and was leaked by a developer working for UK-based company Traveller’s Tales. He’s probably been sacked or tarred and feathered or something as a result.

So, as well as the screen in the middle that we’ve seen before, it’s now got two new analogue joysticks in the top corners. There’s loads of other stuff going on in it as well but we reckon it could do with one or two extra features. Maybe a built-in mini-Soda Stream machine, some wheels for transporting it around the floor and a language translator/currency converter, perhaps in the form of an abacus.

Great stuff Nintendo – we’re sure you’ll soon turn those recent financial losses around with this one…



  • The B.
    Hold, someone measure the angle on those corners, I'm sure Apple have patented that angle.
  • Zleet
    I've been saying for a while that semi mobile gaming is the way to go, one 'hub' that does the work and a wireless tablet sized device that has the screen and controls. This seems a bit cheap looking and the screen is way to small though. Imagine a PS or Xbox version being able to stream Skyrim to a 10" tablet while you are taking a shit.
  • Mike H.
    Looks like a fucking etch-a-sketch, cretins.
  • Brian's U.
    that controller has everything, except decent games to play on it!
  • Mary H.
    Hmmmmm, I wonder how we can combine mobile games with console games with tablet computing with smart phone type apps in a shit package, nobody will ever want?
  • Spencer
    I have a reliable source that tells me it also comes fully equipped with a papoose. If you need to move the controller around, It'll slot in the back like a peanut. If you are against the papoose system, it also has a wheel that clicks into the bottom like a skate.
  • tin
    It'll be fucking amazing. Just the same that the Wii was deemed a stupid idea. A couple of years on and both Microsoft and Sony suddenly had their own wave-your-arms-around-like-a-tit accessory just like the ones they were dissing not moments prior. Consoles that have boring old joypads and amazing graphics are ace, but it seems very difficult to actually make any money out of them.
  • Mike H.
    Spence, what drugs are you on mate?

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