E3: What you need to know about new Xbox and PlayStation

New Xbox and Playstation

Gamers rejoice! New video game consoles are coming your way!

As predicted, Microsoft are bringing out the slimmed version of the Xbox One, and the picture we showed you yesterday is the actual machine.

It's 40% smaller than the existing console, has 4K capabilities, and a fancy new joypad. If you want to look at the spec, then click here. It looks like it'll be under £300 when it goes on sale in August, which is decent news.

Microsoft have also said that gamers will be able to play Xbox One games on Windows-powered computers, which is also good news.

There's also this nifty idea, where you can design your own joypads, and customise them however you like.

So what about PlayStation then? This is some good chatter from Microsoft who want to eat away at Sony's lead in the console market.

Well, Sony announced some fancy looking games which is all well and good, but the big development is the much talked about virtual reality headset that works with PS4 consoles.

That's going to be released on October 13th, and they announced that it'll have a price of $399. There's no point doing a direct conversion switch to see how much it will cost in the UK, because technology rarely works like that.

In fact, they usually go for a dollar equalling a pound. However, nearly £400 on a headset might put too many people off, so we'll have to see what Sony offer. The value will probably lie in any bundle deals they do.

Either way, Sony have said that gamers won't have to wait for too long to play, as they've vowed that over 50 games for PlayStation VR are going to be available within months after the launch.

There's a VR Star Wars game too, as well as a Resident Evil game and something to do with Batman. All the PlayStation news is available here.

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