Don't swear about shops or they might have a hissy fit on Twitter about you

Ever trashtalked a retailer online? Well, if you badmouth video games vendor ShopTo on Twitter, you might find your order getting cancelled with a bit of swearing thrown in.

It was all about the pricing of a PlayStation 4 bundle. Carl, noticed that Amazon had lowered its price for the PS4 Mega Bundle, so he sent a Twitter direct message to ShopTo (where he had a preorder) to ask they'd drop their price. Direct message answer: "No plans for any price changes. Thanks." Carl preceeded to say sorry for "whining a bit".

Then, away from his DMs, after saying he'd keep his order, he told a friend that he'd be moving his preordered PS4 games from ShopTo to Amazon "to say fuck you :)." This wasn't addressed to ShopTo and not necessarily serious.

ShopTo replied in the DMs.


ShopTo nuked his PS4 order and signed off with: "Consider your account closed. Thank you."

Now, ShopTo can't apologise enough, issuing an apology: "As our staff were talking to this customer at the same time, when our social feed showed the abuse (for social purposes we use tweetdeck to allows us to see anytime the shopto name is mentioned on twitter), the staff took it as being directly made to ShopTo," said ShopTo.

"Further investigation into this matter shows us that the customer was not actually pointing abuse at us, but just talking to his friend, so in this case we have to deeply apologise for being in the wrong. As a way to make this up to the customer we have offered to restore his account and provide his PS4 free of charge."


  • Grammar N.
    He has done pretty well to get a free PS4 out of that!
  • jiggle
    fair play to them!
  • Lord K.
    I don't buy their "we thought he was abusing our staff" justification. That is just PR damage control. You can see them setting him up while he, obliviously, keeps chatting with them in them in a friendly manner. It was only when he revealed he wanted the console on release day they cancelled his order and account. It was an obvious attempt to punish a critical customer and stifle any future social media criticism. It was cynical and spiteful. I hope he spends the money he saved on the PS4 on games at Amazon.
  • cicobuff
    There goes the PS4 that Shopto had allocated for a prize competition..probably.
  • exile
    jammy git right time to place an order with shopto and then make then think im being rude i want free shit!
  • Peter
    i agree with fibbingarchie. If that was my business I would still tell him to stick it
  • jo
    it was cheeky to ask them to drop their price in the first place

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