Do pretend indoor flying better with Wii wings

wii_wings Sure, the Nintendo Wii is a ‘fun’ console and yes, we can see why you would want to get a tennis racket or a steering wheel or a golf club to enhance your Wii gamery, but wings?

They’re the completely unnecessary accessory that will ‘help’ you play Bird’s Eye Bulls Eye, part of the Wii Fit Plus package. The object of the game appears to be to stand on the balance board while flapping your arms and land your chicken-suited Mii on to a target.

Would you really do all of that better with your Wiimotes strapped to a pair of shoddy-looking wings? Really? Sellotaping them to a couple of children’s annuals would achieve the same effect, at a fraction of the cost and with equal embarrassment factor.

Coming soon (if they haven’t come already) – a Wii trowel for Gardening Mama, a Wii wig for Wii Barber and a Wii telescope for Patrick Moore’s Extreme Astronomy. Or so we imagine.


  • That t.
    Actually, this looks pretty cool. But I'm still waiting for Wii Porn to hit the shelves with a motion sensor you can strap to your cock. The sad fucks amongst you, David that's you (you cunt), will enjoy, if you haven't already got Wii Wank, tit-head.
  • Chris S.
    I did see a set of Wii pom-poms when I was in Canada.... $15.... got a photo of it somewhere!
  • Nobby
    @ That fit lass in your office you can't talk to Whose cock are you wanting to fit it to? Or is this an admission that you are (i) a man and (ii) have a small cock and so need a smaller control to fir to it. Some of us can just use elastic bands to strap the current controller to our cocks.
  • Dean F.
    Actually, you don't have to use your arms at all when playing Bird's Eye Bulls Eyes. Just bounce lightly by flexing your knees an inch or two and then straightening them. To increase altitude, stand up straight; to move forward, bend forward a little. Once you get close to your target, it helps to flap your hands a little for finer precision movement, but it's not absolutely necessary. When playing the expert game, there are six targets on the perimeter of the mountain. Get the blue 30 point target en route to the 60 point target on the mountaintop, but skip the other five 10-20 point targets. The reason is that it takes more seconds to reach them than their point value.

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