DIY lash-up means super duper virtual reality gaming

14 May 2010

Holy crapola, this really is a first-person shooter. Forget all the geek-speak - all you need to know is that this dude has strapped a handheld projector to a Wiimote and thrown in a gyrometer; the upshot is that the screen turns wherever you do, and the perspective of the game shifts accordingly. Immersive virtual reality, without the need for silly glasses:

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  • Mr M.
    WTF! IS DIS REAL? But in all honesty whilst it sounds like a gamers wet dream, the quality of the video was appalling. Couldn't see anything so I'm not holding any hope that this fool can make a virtual reality suite when he can't even get a good video picture.
  • Mr M.
    I would add that anyone can make a really dark video where all you can see is a few flashing lights, then talk over it pretending that you've made something amazing. In fact I might do one myself.
  • Frida l.
    Pah, Google " Johnny Lee head tracking " to see how it should be done.
  • Brad
    Ive seen that Johnny lee one before and ill admit when I first saw it I did think "Fuck! thats pretty good!" and im not impressed by anything usually.

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