Dixons ready to get into the streaming video game

6 February 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 12.58.40 Watch out LoveFilm, Netflix and all that other lot who are plying their trade in the ‘streaming video’ game (and let’s face it, it IS a game.). That’s because there’s a new pig in the sty – the DIXONS pig!

Watch out world because Knowhow Movies is coming from the electrical retail giant and it promises to be spectacular. As they say themselves, “It’s almost time to get the popcorn ready, dim the lights and settle down for a great night in.” Ambitious, but when your top dog has just been headhunted by Apple, you’ve got to believe that anything is possible.

We’re not sure when the movies ’n’ TV service will go live but the pre-launch spiel says that you’ll be able to “store films online for quick access, or download your purchases and rentals if you don't want to watch them straight away”.

There’s no word on the quality of the line-up either, so we don’t know whether Knowhow will bring you the likes of Drive, The Sopranos and Downton Abbey or if it’ll be all Grease 2 and Bonekickers. Watch this space…


  • The B.
    I'm guessing the pricing plan will be about a quid a film but you keep being confronted with a message box saying "would you like to purchase our popcorn service plan for only £5.99" and then surreptitiously adds it to your basket anyway.
  • Mike H.
    John Browett has probably been 'headhunted' to stop him from coming out with this iTV 'beater' then told to shut the fuck up, given a mop, and clen the fucking bogs.
  • br04dyz
    Will the streaming only work if you have a Monster HDMI cable?
  • Adam
    If it's anything like my experiences of Dixons they'll promoteit with some free gift but as I go to buy say the gift's out of stock but don't worry they'll send it on then deny all knowledge of the promotion, the promise to fulfill it or that I exist. I feckin HATE them.
  • Mary H.
    You'll probably need a 'special' network box and 'special' cable only available from Dixons, I heard that Downturn 'fucking' Abbey will be made free by the BBC, and will be subsidised by the license fee payer. Cunts.
  • Meeester F.
    Oh goodness me, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This is some good stuff, its going to be the most amazing streaming video service in the whole wide world.
  • Ed R.
    This is surely a Sebastian James idea. God help all the old crew at Know How. He's tried this type of thing before with silverscreen for DVD's and that went into liquidation. Not a good track record here. Maybe he should just ask for his millions and move on before he F"£!s it up some more. You know whats happened don't you. He's watch a streaming you tube clip and said that looks easy and people will pay...no they will not. The UK infra structure is not good enough. I stay in Glasgow. not exactly in the sticks is it. Max broadband speed 3Mb with following wind and nothing else going on. Get a grip.. Get back to basics. sell products people want at prices people can afford.
  • John
    @ the real bob - it would be £5.00 or £6.00, haven't used 99p for a long time @ br04dyz - haven't sold monster cables for a long time. If you want a stupidly priced HDMI cable its from Sandstrom. As you can't detect the manufacturer of an HDMI cable you can't insist on a certain one. All old hat moans. Update yourselves and find something new to moan about. @ Ed Reid - Very valid
  • Bastard
    @John: Ooh - get you with your holier than thou comebacks. I bet you're a cast member on the BBC's Downturn "Fucking" Abbey aren't you? Audi/BMW/iPhone driving Bastard.
  • John
    @ Audi/BMW/iPhone driving Bastard - No I'm not.
  • Damian
    The word within Dixons around Knowhow Movies, apparently they will be offering this service will be available on Smart TV, Blu-ray players, Ipads, and PS3.
  • Bob
    Found this link on MacRumours forum from a supposed KH employee.. Looks as though they will offer later movies, unlike my original thoughts.. No indication on pricing though.. http://www.productlearningcentre.co.uk/contents/approved_11633/KHM%20Teaser%20Trailer.swf

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