Delivery driver makes off with Xbox, and is caught on video

We've all suffered from a phantom delivery - when we've waited in for a parcel and it either didn't come, or the delivery person couldn't be arsed and just posted a 'sorry you were out' card through the door.

Well, one fella called Paul Kerswill bought an Xbox One on Black Friday, and they got the dreaded card from the courier, saying that the package had been left behind a wheelie bin.

One problem - there's was no parcel behind the bin. Was it nicked by passing scallies? Well, Paul Kerswill has CCTV, so he decided to check.

As you can see on the video above, the driver makes his way to the front door, empty-handed, and then, blammo! He's gone. The delivery slip wasn't signed, but it did include a barcode and the Hermes logo.

"When I saw it was gone, I was just thinking, 'Surely it hasn't been taken'," Paul told the Hull Daily Mail. "We have two cameras in the house, so I looked at the CCTV and saw the guy sitting in his van before walking up to the house. He doesn't carry the parcel to the house and he didn't even go anywhere near the bin."

"He just got out of his van, walked to the front door to post the note and went away. This guy just turned up in an unmarked transit van with nothing on it. He had not identified himself and, at the end of the day, he's got my parcel."

"I'm just disappointed we didn't catch his registration number on the video. It should be easy enough for them to track him down, because if you go on their website the details saying the package has been delivered comes up, so they must be able to find out who was delivering it at the time. I was fuming. I just hope action is properly taken against him now."

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  • Fat H.
    How disgusting. The shame of buying an XBOX One.

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