Deathwatch: Only 64,000 Wii U consoles sold in February - is Nintendo doomed?

20 March 2013

At the moment, no-one wants to buy a Nintendo product. The Wii U has only sold 64,000 in February, and the Wii Mini got unveiled much to everyone's thorough indifference.

Considering that the Wii U is a newly launched console, this is worrying for Nintendo who haven't been able to keep up with the video game market for some time now.

To put this into perspective, the Xbox 360 sold more than over 300,000 units last month in the US, despite the fact it is nearly ten years old. The PS3 is still outselling the Wii U, even though Sony have announced the next-gen PS4.

Handheld gaming is one of the few success stories for Nintendo, but it is only a matter of time before they die out as smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity?

So could Nintendo go the same way as Sega?

The only discernible reason one would buy a Nintendo product is to play the games that aren't available on other systems, like Mario, Zelda and the like. Could we see Mario Kart being released on all consoles in the not-too-distant future?


  • klingelton
    Shit article. Too many questions, not enough facts.
  • Genjuro
    I'll start by saying I'm not a rabid mad Nintendo fan like some people but also i have respect for them because in any ways they have defined gaming in the last 3 decades. It is true that the Wii-U is struggling, which is mainly due to a high price, partly due to poor exchange rates against the Yen, and a lack of software, but the software issue will likely be resolved as Nintendo have the strongest 1st party software. The 3DS is selling fantastically in Japan, but it's true that in the west it is also feeling the pressure from tablets. I do not think that any of this is a reason for Nintendo to branch out to other platforms, their licences are the main reason for their success, so allowing these on other platforms would be madness. It doesn't take a genius to work out that if Nintendo sold say the next Super Mario on iOS for 99p a copy on that they would need to sell significantly more than they would at sat £30 a copy on 3DS, plus the poor controls on iOS would make it far inferior.
  • chewbacca
    Good. Hopefully this will send the message that motion controlled games for kiddies and grannies are a fad, and we can get back to the ways games are supposed to be. Hopefully they kill off Kinect and ps move as well.
  • Puurdantic
    "More than over" 300,000 units..... wow that really must be a lot!
  • Steve O.
    @Chewbacca, "grannies are a fad"?
  • Mark H.
    @ Genjuro 'It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if Nintendo sold say the next Super Mario on iOS for 99p a copy on that they would need to sell significantly more than they would at sat £30 a copy on 3DS, plus the poor controls on iOS would make it far inferior.' So how about the next Super Mario on the PS4 and Xbox 720 for £40 then? It happened to Sega and it could very well happen to Nintendo if they don't get their act together.
  • Hello
    Yet another shit article from Mof, how the fuck do you get paid for copying this dross? You are comparing a handheld console against full size consoles, why not compare Nintendo's handheld products against Sony's handheld products? Oh because the DS massively outsells the Vita and then it wouldn't fit the agenda. Compare Vita software sales against the DS range, are Sony in trouble?
  • Vigo C.
    I'm sure they'll be fine with the £12Bn in the bank. They can afford a few more bad launches and 3rd place finishes in console wars before they call it a day. Saying the company is doomed is stupid when their only problem is one of their current consoles not having the runaway success of its predecessor. It may be stifling profits but they have the No.1 handheld and when the PS4 and Xbox are released, the Wii U will be millions of units ahead in the console race. By this time, there will be more exclusive titles available and plenty more in production. All the people saying that Wii U will be pwned by PS4 are forgetting that the PS4 will go through the exact same dearth of new exclusive software in its first year and probably be substantially more expensive to buy. @chewbacca - be careful what you wish for, Sony and MS would kill every single one of us to get the kind of runaway success that the Wii had in its early years and would not give a single f*** about us if they thought they had a cash cow gimmick. The fact that the PS4 has built in Move and Xbox is rumoured to have built in Kinect 2 worries me. @Mark H - look at Sega now compared to what they were. Nobody besides hobbyists actually buys a game just because it's a Sega game whereas Nintendo fans will buy almost anything that is first party on their consoles. Sega were forced into becoming software only by having 2 failed add ons and 2 failed consoles in succession. Nintendo are rich and have already returned to profit after their first ever loss.
  • JD64
    iOS could save Nintendo IMO. 69p for an NES emulator, £1.99 for a SNES emulator and £4.99 for an N64 emulator. Each game sold at around 69p each. If they ditched the old school slow moving Japanese mentality and got on board with Apple to co-create a control pad for use with iOS devices this would be amazing. Right now I use my jailbroken iPad connected via Bluetooth to a classic Wii controller which allows me to play NES/SNES games via HDMI out upscaled to my 40 inch TV. I would happily pay for the above as this functionality is the only reason I still jailbreak.
  • gconjr
    LOL, another Nintendo is doomed article. How long has Nintendo been making their last console? Sony & Microsoft do more than just video games. They have other branches of buisness they could flex their massive $$$$$$. To the best of my knowledge Nintendo only does video games. Even though I think this article is stupid I could partially understand why they would think or want Nintendo to go software only. Nintendo is good at they do and it has been proven with all the contributions they have made to the video game industry. I could still see them in the future with many years ahead of them but not as successful as they once were.
  • Michael P.
    @JD64 Nintendo already charge more than that for game on their own emulators. If they gave it up to Apple, it's just another reason not to bother buying a Nintendo console. Even as an Apple-Nintendo collaboration, it would still massively devalue Nintendo. Shame on bitterwallet for posting this silly plagiarism and shame on us for reading it and then commenting
  • LancerVancer
    Lego City Undercover. Only on WiiU. Game over man, game over. Flex wit da 'erb.
  • SB
    Wii U is doomed, but to say Ninety are is just pure ignorance. Tablets and smartphones are a far cry from proper hand held gaming.
  • chewbacca
    @Stevie V I know it's difficult to understand, but sometimes a sentence won't fit on one line, so it has to "wrap" onto the next one, like this: You are such an utter cunt that your family want to kill you, preferably by getting raped by a yeti, or indeed by getting eaten alive by a pack of benefits-scrounging illegal immigrants. You utter fucking moron.
  • chewbacca
    @TC Who the fuck are "Ninety"? Apart from 90 year olds, but then the grammar doesn't work and aargh dibble dribble....
  • chewbacca
    @Steve O I just made you sound cooler by calling you Stevie V, like in that mega hit "money talks". "DIRTY CASH I WANT YOU, DIRTY CASH I NEED YOU WOOAH-OH!" YEAH!
  • SecondOne
    Wii U so bad they used the wrong picture
  • Marly m.
    Less than 20 commenta on the majority of Bitterwallet posts... Is the site (still) doomed? Notice the number of RSS feed sunscribers has disappeared, is it less that 100?
  • Ernst B.
    Could Mof Gimmers please go the same way as Sega?
  • Darren
    @marly Marl, brilliant comment, maybe we could add Bitterwallet to the deathwatch list... but MOF seems to take some crap on here.. oh and the RSS feed for Bitterwallet is at 4309... they must be DOOMED!
  • Marly m.
    Not just here... I sometimes read Newser and noticed some posts saying how crap he is on articles he had written there. I know someone who did freelance internet writing for a year, each writer is paid per post, often just £3-5 a post, so we shouldn't expect much really. If he actually gave an arse he would be replying to the comments, and i've never see him do that, so we probably care more than he does. Odd name though.
  • Licy S.
    They aaid: write for this website of become a care worker. I chose the wrong minimum wage job.
  • thatguy
    To be honest, it wasn't advertised that much and both America and Europe is in a recession, I only knew it existed near the beginning of march.
  • chewbacca
    Looks like Pussy Sweet has had a few...
  • lamb w.
    @Chewbacca Grow up, Child.
  • Vidyadhar N.
    The problem with Nintendo is their expensive games. I paid £120 for a Nintendo 3ds for my son and each game costs around £20-£30 it turns out too expensive. He hardly plays the Nintendo but likes to play on the tablet of his laptop. The games look like they were made in 80s the display is poor the only saving grace is it survives falls better but unless they make the display better and games cheaper they are doomed and I for one will not regret that.
  • oh m.
    "...this is worrying for Nintendo who haven’t been able to keep up with the video game market for some time now." Literally what the hell? The Wii has sold about 30 million consoles more than the PS3 and 25 million more than the Xbox 360. Where are these 'journalists' coming from?
  • chewbacca's m.
    You lot are a pretty sad bunch of cunts picking on a guy who's just trying to write for a living. I guess sitting at home with your mothers and living off of benefits as I'd like to bet the majority of you wankmongers do obviously gives you plenty of time to critique others - sad,pathetic and slightly smelly you all are without doubt. Who's a bunch of cunts? You are...
  • Zleet
    Just release a Wii with a blu ray drive and a 1080p graphics and it would sell out. Who wouldn't want to play Zelda in full HD.
  • Paul C.
    Gotta agree - you lot pointing the finger at Mof. Totally uncalled for. It's not as if he's writing tirades for the Daily Mail.

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