Deathwatch: No Mass Effect 3 or Mario Party 9 at Game and Gamestation

retail deathwatch Word is spreading like wildfire about possible bother at GAME and Gamestation, after it was revealed that the retailer won’t be stocking any EA games past SSX in March, with nothing confirmed about the future. This means that they won’t be stocking Mass Effect 3, something which is sure to spell trouble for the already-beleaguered chain. We’ve received this statement from GAME, via our good friends at Dealspwn

We currently have a supply issue with regards to Mass Effect 3, which means that GAME and gamestation will not be able to fulfil orders for Mass Effect 3 at this time. We want to give customers as much notice about this as possible and provide them with a range of options ahead of launch.

game-logoWe appreciate that this is disappointing for our customers, and we apologise sincerely for the inconvenience that this will cause. We value the loyalty of our customers very highly and as a gesture…

* Customers who have pre-ordered in store*, will have the opportunity to add £5 worth of Reward points to their card if they visit us from 1st March through to 16th March 2012

∗ Customers who have placed a deposit for the title* will receive a refund as well as the £5 worth of Reward points between 1st - 16th March 2012

∗ Customers who have pre-ordered online, will be provided with an online voucher to the value of £5 to be spent on any purchase on our sites
For more information we would advise customers to visit EA on how to get hold of Mass Effect 3.

*All customer must be able provide valid proof that they have placed a pre-order or deposit

The memo that has been sent to GAME stores has been leaked and can be seen here. Additionally, it has emerged that GAME and Gamestation won’t be stocking the forthcoming Wii game Mario Party 9, following on from Nintendo-affiliated games The Last Story and Tekken 3DS, both of which were GAME-absentees.

It remains to be seen whether the retailer is heading towards oblivion but the signs certainly aren’t encouraging. Keep an eye on Dealspwn for further developments as they happen.


  • Phil
    Not surprised really. Feel sorry for employees but inevitable really once Tesco etc got involved. I use to spend a lot in store too until they bought Gamestation and the prices went up in both!
  • Michael J.
    Not surprised, and really do feel for the staff stuck in the middle of this, but they've brought this on themselves, just like HMV. Despite being battered by the competition such as online and supermarkets, they still insist on ridiculous pricing, even for pre-owned stuff (a lot of which can't be played online thanks to passes). Even now that they've inconvenienced a lot of people by cancelling pre-orders, they're only offering a store credit to the amount?! Give them a full refund, you stingy bastards.
  • Alexis
    There is no refund to give though. The money is only taken when the game is dispatched, so £5 credit is a bonus.
  • MrRobin
    @Phil - What's Tesco got to do with it??! Surely as a games retailer, they should have betterpurchasing power than a supermarket.
  • Michael J.
    Well IGN have just cleared it up by saying that anything paid for the pre-order will be fully refunded, and £5 credit given. Ignore that last bit of my previous post.
  • Me
    I'm not sure how you consider Game et al would have any greater purchasing power than a Global Super Market chain as Tesco's (Other Supermarket chains are available) are able to both broker better deals for software purchases or offer lower in store prices because they can afford to take lower profits per unit than a dedicated specialist retailer. This goes for any product so as soon as the Supermarkets start pushing the top titles out in bulk the core dedicated retailer will suffer. Especially when you consider the kids can apply pressure to parents during the weekly shop rather than having to make a conscious trip to the high street.
  • Stu
    Are you 100% sure this story is factually acurate?
  • Phil
    @MrRobin - Thats the point - they don't - Tesco/Sainsburys/Asda are all cheaper. Hence the trouble!
  • Mike H.
    I'm happy that GAME is shutting and glad that the dicks that work there are losing their jobs.
  • Mary H.
    Why do people blame supermarkets for ruining these companies? You have a choice about where you buy products. If you are going to buy cheap from supermarkets rather than supporting local game shops then this will happen, you dicks!
  • Phil
    Mary - Why am I a dick for not shopping in Game. It use to be a good helpful shop worth a visit - I remember the days when it was eb which was like 10 years ago. The problem is now it just isn't. The staff look at you blindly when want something that isn't a new console bundle with a copy of COD. They lost the plot and thats it. I now mainly shop on play/amazon/shopto and haven't visit GAME/Gamestation in a long time for this very reason. Now I guess its Game over?
  • Marco P.
    Problem is the supermarkets are plugging every pie going. They can afford to sell things at a near loss due to they make massive margins on other lines such as food. Specialist retailers dont have that luxury. In the end there will only be online specialists and supermarkets selling things. We have let them get too powerful.
  • Give S.
    The terms being offered by EA must have been truly shocking if Game are prepared to pass up stocking one of the biggest games of the year.
  • Boomshaw
    Feel sorry for my local gamestation. Dont like my local game store because they always act like they know more than you do and look at you like a retard when you ask a question. My local gamestation is the complete opposite. The guys in there are sound. As an act of support, i preordered street fighter x tekken se from them today.
  • Aunt S.
    Video games are child's pursuits so grow up and stop bickering over such.
  • Cheesey
    I don't think blame can lie solely with the supermarkets. I would rather order online (cheaper than Game/station) and have the item delivered for free. Most Game/station stores are located in areas where you have to drive to a town centre, find and pay for parking, and walk miles from the car park to make your purchase at full retail price. Let's be honest about the real fucktards with their heads in the sand - it's the bosses of Game, who in their infinite wisdom to conquer the UK games market bought up Gamestation and are left with duplicate units in most towns and cities often within spitting distance of each other. It's Groundhog Day when it comes to these retailers constantly teetering on the brink and making no changes.
  • Boomshaw
    @Aunt Sally Lol video games were child pursuits in the 80’s and 90’s. what you'll find is those "children" are now 20/30 year olds who still enjoy them and revel in the fact the industry now makes more money than film. So please take your ignorance (and probably your Wii) elsewhere thanks.
  • JD64
    For years GAME have been trying to stiff publishers for better margins. I used to work for a major publisher and GAME always wanted rates that were much more aggressive than other stores even to the point where they would refuse to stock titles unless publishers bowed to their terms. I can't help but feel this is a real case of the boot being on the other foot now. GAME used to be able to bend the publishers over as they had the lion's share of the market now the only trump card GAME held has gone so they will be soon. Obviously the biggest shame is for the staff. Another example of a company going under shafting thousands of employees while the boys and girls at the top have spent years creaming off profits at the top. If you have any credit in GAME use it now as I really can't see them being around much longer. As for the staff, hopefully they can find something soon. To be fair my local stores have guys who are reasonably switched on and fingers crossed they will be picked up by other retailers.
  • Dick
    > In the end there will only be online specialists and supermarkets selling things. We have let them get too powerful. So what is/was Game? They are clearly not a specialist since most of the staff know fuck all about what they are selling. So they are just an unspecialised outlet, no different to a supermarket where no advice is given. Just more expensive. Them going down just frees up another store in town.
  • Dick
    > Obviously the biggest shame is for the staff. Another example of a company going under shafting thousands of employees while the boys and girls at the top have spent years creaming off profits at the top. So who should make the money? And why are staff being shafted? They are retail workers. They get paid for doing a job. If the job no longer exists, then they don't get paid. Investors always cream profits off the top since it is them who invested in the business.
  • Head
    Dick is right. It's "Game Over" I am afraid.
  • whisky
    >The terms being offered by EA must have been truly shocking if Game are prepared to pass up stocking one of the biggest games of the year. The problem will almost certainly be down to cash flow. Cash flow in retail is extremely tight at the minute and the quarter rent is due in March. It is likely a number of retailers will go to the wall in the coming month due to rent alone. High street fashion being one weak area in particular but I'm not naming names. I suspect Game already owe EA a substantial amount and EA are unwilling to realease any further stock until the balance owed is paid. One assumes the banks have also declined to lend Game anymore money with which to pay EA.
  • Aunt S.
    @Boomshaw How dare you note my social observation as ignorance! And for your records i spend my time with good wholesome games such as hopscotch and skipping. Both of which can be played and enjoyed at pocket money prices. Not like your child's pursuit which sees you stealing from mum's purse to fund the latest installment of a barely updated / rehashed title. As you young ones say... 'on your face!'. So long plucker!
  • Euan
    Pre-ordered the N7 Collector's Edition last July with Game, today the useless fuckers email me to let me know they're going to be too useless to be able to deliver it - needless to say today was the one day I was out of the office all day, only got home an hour or so ago to find this - and everyone else who is supposedly now carrying it is already sold out. Last time I use Game, that's for sure.
  • Frank P.
    Game are shit, and they dragged Gamestation down to the same shitness when they bought them years ago. There shops are always full of nerdy teens standing around group wanking over empty cod game boxes and Mothers/Grandmothers in there to grab the latest copy of "Mario Does Anal" for young Tarquins Wuu console. They come out all proud that they managed to bag it for only £45 when everywhere else had it for £30. Supermarkets can be just as expensive on there pricing as these 2 shops. Cheaper, more convenient online retailers with better pricing and Games inability to adapt there business and pricing to a changed market will be there downfall and own doing. That is all.
  • TimB
    My local Gamestation is awesome - the staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and hot (they've really figured out the concept of employing staff who can double as "geek bait"). I'll be genuinely sad to see them go. Still, hopefully it'll bring a few good clearance offers.
  • Capability B.
    TimB = liar.
  • Gav
    @Capability Brown. TimB = not liar. The staff at mine are pretty good (Meadowhall) an there are some fit geekettes there too.
  • Tom
    Super markets not the downturn fucking abby on the bbc which is causing all the problems?
  • Cuntability B.
    Ha meadowhall? You chav bastard. Why not try livin somewhere decent for a hange? Then you can judge the minimum wage unwashed bastard staff of this cunty shop.
  • Frank P.
    @Gav = Geek
  • Frank P.
    @Gav again = cunt
  • vibeone
    Liked gamestation, hate game. For a while even under game ownership, game station repeatedly undercut game. Shame that stopped. Hope they go really, because game is just the pits. Hopefully game station gets sold.
  • Euan
    Looks like they could be pretty pooched, they've lost Capcom as a supplier too now. Which is another couple of big releases they won't have.
  • klingelton
    I remember when Game took over Game station. they promised that the business model would remain the same and that they wouldn't be closing stores (at least not immediately). I don't think it was long before the price of games matched and in some cases exceeded Game. They even got rid of the smell of sweat! If game and gamestation go, the only place to get high priced 'pooter games over the counter is going to be HMV and CEX. both are shit for different reasons.

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