Deathwatch: GAME to open dedicated Xbox store

retail deathwatch GAME, video games vendor, went under, then rose again which was good news for people's jobs. However, it looks like the company hasn't at all learned any lessons from the previous business model that failed it so badly.

That's because GAME have announced plans to open a dedicated Xbox Store later this week.

That'll be the same Xbox that is restricting the sale of pre-owned titles for its new One console which in turn, has made the new Microsoft machine a less-than-appealing prospect for potential buyers.


As such, GAME is focusing on a console that, currently, is very, very unpopular. The only thing GAME could've done worse is to focus entirely on the dreadful, useless Wii U.

For the three interested people out there, this GAME Xbox Store will open this Thursday, on June 20th, at Shoreditch's Boxpark shopping centre.

They describe it as a "one-of-a-kind concept store" that features "playable gaming pods, head-to-head challenge areas, a Microsoft Surface display and the latest and greatest in Xbox hardware and software".

We'll ready GAME's obituary page again.


  • Maximus
    I am buying the xbox one as most importantly it has the best exclusive games. Plus with microsofts network of servers gameplay with more than 32 players will be the norm.
  • Liam
    They are probably getting a huge wad of cash from Microsoft to do this.
  • shakesheadsadly
    Liam +1
  • tt
    I was going to say the same as Liam. This is all MS and not GAME. Probably trying to flog Surfaces.
  • Phil
    Who cares about trading in games. Why bother sell a game for £3 that you paid £40 for. It is the stores that are making money from it not us. Kinect always on. well I think that's quite cool. Just don't stand in front of it with your balls out. I'll certainly be splashing out for the Xbox One.
  • Durrbrain
    @Phil , yeah I'd much rather sell my games on eBay than trade them in at GAME for £3. Oh wait! I can't do that anymore due to Microsoft's controls. Viva la Xbox.
  • Her L.
    The miniscule silver lining to this cloud of fail is that this store sounds like it is going back to gaming stores of old, which used to have consoles to demo games on. These days at Game you're lucky if you see a gaming pod with a faulty controller stuck on settings screen.
  • jokester
    @Phil Apparently you don't realise that you can sell your stuff on ebay / / amazon / facebook / etc for MUCH MORE than the con-merchant game shops will give you!
  • Bendy
    Bit of a non-story now, since Microsoft have backed down to public demand and got rid of all their Third Reich restrictions on second-hand / permanently on-line shizzle. Anyone would think they're a bit scared of Sony's cheaper / faster / better console (cue the fanboy abuse from the men in green)

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