DEATHWATCH: Game to close 43 stores

retail deathwatch The Game Group are still having a lousy, lousy time of it and things don't seem to be getting any better as they've announced that 43 of its outlets will be closing thanks to “tougher market conditions”.

In total, 12 GAME stores, six Gamestation stores and all 25 of its Debenhams arms will cease trading, which equates to 247 redundancies.

“We are committed to evolving our business to make sure it operates as efficiently as possible while consistently delivering the high standards of service our customers demand,” a statement reads.

“We regularly review our entire store portfolio, including our concessions, to maximise the opportunities to reach customers while also ensuring that the business is running as effectively as possible.


“As a result of this review process, and the tougher market conditions that we face in 2010, we have announced our intention to close 12 Game stores, 6 Gamestation stores, and all 25 of our concessions in Debenhams stores. In each location, we have detailed plans to support the customers and employees.

“The majority of the identified sites are located close to another one of our stores, and we will help each customer affected by a closure to transfer to their nearest store as well as our online offerings.

“We will provide extensive support to the teams in each store. However, with deep regret, we have had to offer redundancy to 247 employees. We will do our utmost to redeploy roles if possible, and have started consulting with all affected employees in the 43 sites.

“We are very focused on supporting our people, and thank them for their continued hard work and understanding."


  • Mike H.
    Christ! What are 247 game geeks going to do now? Oh yeah, play games all day and get paid for it, right.
  • Phil G.
    I remember at one point in the last 5-10 years Game had 2 stores in the Eldon Square shopping centre Newcastle, probably 100m walk between them. Same they didnt save some money when times were good eh ?
  • Kevin
    Also merging the websites together and sending out £5 vouchers in the email telling you about it. @Phil, that was true in many places, and they weren't the only company I saw who did that. HMV being another
  • Nick
    anyone know which stores are closing down yet?
  • Yak
    The fact they seem completely oblivious as to what year it is won't help them
  • Phil
    I've barely spent a £10 in GAME/Gamestation in the last year. Use to spend hundreds. Stopped buying from them when they only wanted trade ins against the latest titles. They don't seem to understand gamers aren't just interested in the latest release of COD...
  • Richard M.
    “As a result of this review process, and the tougher market conditions that we face in 2010, we have announced our intention to close 12 Game stores, 6 Gamestation stores, and all 25 of our concessions in Debenhams stores...... Is this an old story or does it contain a mis-print? It talks of facing tougher market conditions in 2010.
  • Paul
    The original articles (on mcvuk linked above, and edge linked from mvcuk) were written February 25, 2010...
  • Nick
    @Bitterwallet Great News article referencing news from 2010, keep up the shit work.
  • Greek D.
    Not surprised. I was going to buy a couple of Vita games today but they have priced them at £5 above the RRP which is s typical Game tactic. I dont mind paying a bit more for conveniance but a full £10 more than I can buy something online for is just stupid.
  • JD64
    Old news. They closed their Debenhams stores two years ago.
  • Crapabilty B.
    Ah poor workers who are going to lose their... Hold on.... Who lost their jobs two years ago? Wow, this site rocks.
  • Sean K.
    They linked to the wrong story. There was an announcement today that 35 stores are closing.
  • Boris
    It is clearly the fault of the current Labour government and their inability to tackle the current economic situation. They destroyed the banks and threw away the wealth of the country. Voters need to think very carefully in the coming general election - do they really want Gordon Brown to continue to destroy our great nation through his ignorance? His two years are already two years too many! The wishy-washy liberals are even worse. Don’t be fooled into voting for them; they will surely form a ruinous coalition with New Labour in a dodgy deal to get proportional representation. The country is only safe with my good (and temporary friend) Dave. Vote to save Great Briton!
  • Ivor M.
    In other news Woolworths to close by Christmas... top man Mof Gimmers!
  • Chewbacca
    Fucking piss poor "journalism" at its piss-poorest. What fucking retard decided that this was a story? It's the blogging equivalent of bumping a 2 year old forum thread. Christ on a fucking bike.
  • alex
    There is a Gamestation directly opposite the Game store in Chester, so I'm guessing one of those might go....
  • Al
    Ermm ... isn't the story supposed to be this one: GAME is shutting another 35 stores and
  • Dick
    Bump an old thread and people still post on it though. It's like the game on HUKD where you give heat to month old deals that just didn't quite get hot.
  • Al
    I think my comment got lost as it contained a link but the real story is that is closing as well as another 35 stores.
  • Rick
    Well 'Dick' I guess we kind of assume a level of professionalism from websites purporting to be professional.
  • chewbacca
    Well Rick, you know the saying: "When you assume you make a right fucking twat of yourself" Or something....
  • ColBaldy
    Leaving aside the out of date story, Game still have two shops in Bluewater, Kent about 30 seconds walk from one to the other and likewise at Lakeside in Essex. Why??
  • Dave
    @ColBaldy Because one used to be called Electronics Boutique and the other one GAME. When EB rebranded to GAME, it left a lot of places with 2 stores with the same name.
  • PaulJ
    Deja vu, I remember the exact thing happening years ago when Silica was operating in Debenhams. I worked for both companies, signs of the times unfortunately. Game need to step up and reduce their silly prices, who wants to pay £10 more for a pre owned game that they can order online for brand new?
  • Capability B.
    It is embarrasing to read that so many of you are following what is a child's pursuit. Grown adults should have appropriate hobbies an interests, such as gardening, perhaps uphill, or attending the theatre. You've not lived until you have seen Jude Law's Dick (in the play "the story of Dick")
  • Capability B.
    I also like cooking and have a smashing recipe for hard boiled eggs if anyone would like a copy.
  • Paul
    HDD's in computer games systems are growing larger all the time. [320GB in the latest PS3 as an example] Though the Playstation Network leaves a lot to be desired at present, in theory at any point at a flick of a switch hardware manufacturers and developers could move to an all online format [as Apple in particular seem to be pushing for] Long term computer games and music retailers are dead as downloadable only format cuts production costs and increase profits ultimately this is all the corporations care about.
  • Name*
    Couldn't give a fuck. Quite happy with ping-pong on my Atari.
  • Mike H.
    "bumping a 2 year old forum thread" What kind of forums do you read? You dirty little kiddy fiddler!
  • Elsie
    As a PC gamer, I haven't bought a game from a store in years. Apart from FSX (ordered online from Amazon) every game I own is on Steam and if it's not on Steam, I'm not interested. I dislike Origin with a passion so don't have any EA titles but downloading via a system like Steam is the way to go. In much the same way I no longer buy physical DVD's from places like HMV, it's much easier and far more convenient to use Netflix and Lovefilm, £11 a month for both with unlimited streaming and it's a no brainier for me. Retail stores like Game are dead, I just hope that small independent stores pick up the slack and still offer trade ins for konsole kiddies.
  • Mustapha S.
    What are all the sweaty, overweight, bum fluffed, bullied at school, greasy haired, ipad owning, halitosis suffering staff going to do now? No doubt sit at home, sobbing whilst belting themselves to bits. Serves them right for working for a bunch of cunts.

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